Plagued By Jitters? These Crystals For Anxiety Will Soothe Your Vibrational Energy

July 13, 2017

Crystals for Anxiety

I am a spiritual warrior living in a bustling city with over 7 million people! Driving a few hours to the forest to escape the city life doesn’t always fit into my schedule. So when I feel my days spiraling into chaos, causing anxiety, I turn to crystals for anxiety to help ground me and bring me back into my body. Blue lace agate, amethyst, lepidolite and rose quartz are 4 powerful crystals for anxiety.

Mother Nature is simply incredible and filled with gifts for us all to relish in–from the trees that give us oxygen to the atoms and molecules that form the crystals the soothe our vibrational energy. There are hundreds of gifts to enjoy from our sacred Mother Earth.  Each type of crystal carries its own vibration and frequency.  Part of the fun with crystals is choosing one depending on your mood and/or desire of energetic shift.

But…It’s Just a Rock?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years.  Ancient Egyptians would bury their dead with a quartz laid upon the forehead.  This was thought to help guide the spirit into the afterlife.  Using various crystals for healing has been documented in the pages of the Hindu Vedas thousands of years ago.  Serbian inventor Nichola Tesla stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”  In the modern world, we are beginning to understand that all things have their own vibration and frequency.  I believe this is a beautiful awakening!

4 Amazing Healing Crystals for Anxiety

Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate crystals

This is one of my favorite crystals!  The colors alone relax me simply by looking at it. Blue lace agate qualities tend to be more gentle compared to other crystals. Blue lace agate is said to calm feelings of nervousness and cultivate tranquility and happiness.  Who doesn’t need that, right? As this is a throat chakra stone, I like to wear blue lace agate as a necklace.  When I feel nervous or anxious I simply place my hand on the crystal, next to my throat, and feel it’s warmth and vibration, and just breathe.


Crystals for Anxiety

In Los Angeles, giving an amethyst crystal as a gift for any occasion is as good as gold! Amethyst is considered the all healer of crystals.  Amethyst is said to magnify the positive energy while clearing out the negative energy.  You can place the crystal under your pillow or in your bedroom to help calm and soothe your energy if anxiety keeps you up at night. I keep an amethyst crystal on my nightstand.

*Trouble growing plants in a certain area of your home or garden? Try placing an unpolished amethyst in the area to combat the negative energy from the earth that blocks the growth*


Crystals for Anxiety

Lepidolite is very helpful for anxiety! This beautiful rose/lilac-grey opaque colored crystal may look soft and delicate, but it packs a big punch.  Lepidolite naturally contains lithium. Lithium compounds have been prescribed by doctors as an anti-anxiety medication. So instead of turning to medication, I turn to lepidolite, especially if I’m feeling a cluster of anxiety or panic (i.e. the weeks leading up to my wedding day!) The energy is soft and soothing and feels like a cloud of calmness surrounding you.  Even those who are not sensitive to stones have felt the healing effects of Lepidolite. This crystal can be placed around the home.

Rose Quartz

Crystals for Anxiety

Anything rose, I’ll take it!  Fresh cut roses, rose water, rose quartz, rose kombucha…rosé 😉 bring it on!  Rose quartz is correlated with the heart chakra. If your anxiety has sad feelings or grief involved, check out this crystal.  Rose quartz can help assist in the release of pent-up emotions. You can either sleep with the crystal under your pillow or lay down and place the crystal on your heart, keeping your hands connected to the rose quartz. Close your eyes and focus on the sensation of the crystal resting on top of your heart. Breathe into that sensation, and allow the feelings to move through you.

You can purchase crystals and gemstones online from a variety of websites.  I also love to go into a store and let my intuition chose the crystals.  I can spend hours perusing these stores, feeling the energy of so many crystals in one place and chatting with the employees about the unique qualities each crystal holds. If this sounds like something you’d love to check out, then head to your local crystal store and see what you find...or what finds you.

-Disclaimer–crystal healing may not be for everyone. If your anxiety is not manageable on your own, please consult a medical professional.

Have you tried these crystals for anxiety?

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