I Was Sleep-Deprived Until I Started Doing These 5 Yoga Poses Before Bed

April 17, 2023

Sleep-deprivation has been devastating many lives around the world. Other people might overlook it, but the negative consequences that it brings should never be ignored.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can overcome this problem. Any sleeping disorders have specific remedies that can eliminate them. But before you try anything else, why not yoga first?

Three years ago, I suffered from a severe case of insomnia. My usual sleeping time started at 2 a.m. and typically ended at 6 a.m. because I had to go to work. Fortunately, yoga helped heal my problem.

Doing yoga exercises cut down the stress and anxiety I feel from work. Furthermore, it taught me how to stop being overactive. It also helped me develop a healthy sleeping pattern.

If you are suffering from cases of sleep deprivation, learning how to do yoga is essential. Here are some of the poses that I usually do before I sleep.


Virasana, or the Hero Pose, is an essential routine being performed by yoga practitioners. This pose can aid those that have difficulties in sleeping. It can effectively clear your mind from any stress and remove muscle tension, especially in the knee and ankle area.

Start this routine by resting your glutes to the heels of your feet. Simultaneously, the top portion of your feet should be facing on the floor. While on this position, your spine is also aligned and your chest will be more open for more natural breathing.

Balasana (Child’s Pose)

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The Balasana is another yoga posture that you should try. It is an excellent routine to practice, especially if you can’t sleep properly during the night. It is not difficult to perform, but it can holistically relax your entire body.

To do this pose, one should rest their belly and chest on a stack of pillows. Two pillows should be enough in this case. While on this position, make sure that your knees are separated and the most significant toes of your feet should be in contact.

Next, rest one of the sides of your face on the stacked pillows. Your eyes should be closed by this time while your jaws in a relaxed state. Ensure that your belly is not tightened as well.

Both of your arms can be placed on the surface of the pillow if you find this relaxing. Do some deep breathing while in this posture. You will feel relaxed eventually.

As far as you know, pillows are an essential part of a conducive bedroom. Because of this, I suggest that you use bamboo pillows. It provides excellent conformity for better comfort and support to your body.

Ardha Bhekasana (Half Frog Pose)

Another yoga pose that can help sleep-deprived individuals is the Ardha Bhekasana or the supported half frog pose. It gives your body a good stretch to unwind the strained muscles and bones. Furthermore, it gives you a great venue to breathe correctly.

This pose can be complicated for some though. That’s why you have to check first if you can perform this routine or not. Do not push yourself if it feels like it is too much for you.

Execute this yoga pose by lying on your belly first. You can place a pillow beneath your stomach, but it is somehow optional. One of your legs should extend on the side and let it do a 90-degree angle bend.

Meanwhile, your other leg should remain straight and aligned with your body. While on this position, have your head incline on the direction of the leg that you have bent. Relax your belly and breathe as comfortably and deeply as possible.

Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall Pose)

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Even if you are not doing yoga, I am pretty sure that you have tried this pose before. The Viparita Karani is a simple one, as it will just let you point your feel upward. It is a good posture as it improves the blood and oxygen flow of your body for optimal relaxation.

Lie down on the floor or any surface that you are comfortable. Make sure that your belly is relaxed. A pillow under it would be the right choice.

While on this position, close your feet together and raise them upward. If possible, you should place the tailbone against a wall. Maintain this position until for five to ten minutes.

This pose helps in the draining the lactic acid from your legs. It can prevent potential injuries and reduce the feeling of fatigue throughout your body. Furthermore, it can make your back feel loose and relaxed.

Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclining Bound Angle Pose)

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The last but not the least on this list is the Supta Baddha Konasana. It is an excellent sleeping aid because it helps in stretching your inner thighs, lower abdomen, and pelvis. When these parts are strained, discomforts can be felt, which in turn, would make sleep a problematic thing.

The Supta Baddha Konasana also helps in regulating your blood flow and breathing. These things could optimize a proper evening rest.

Lie down on a comfortable surface. Next, stretch your legs and let the soles of your feet be against each other. The knees should be open so that the heels can be lifted toward your pelvis.

Place one of your hands in your stomach while the other on your chest. Close your eyes and start breathing deeply. Maintain this position as long as possible.

These are the yoga poses that can help you conquer sleepless nights. You can do them before your bedtime or any time of the day where you feel that you are stressed and pressured. You will contact relieved as soon as you do them.

I have been an insomniac before and doing these yoga routines did help me cure my problem. It would be best if you try them, especially if you have sleeping problems already.

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Photo: Annika Ihnat; Crystal Chin; Peaceful Dumpling

Layla Parker is the founder and chief editor of ASleepyWolf, a blog about sleep that helps people find what they need to experience better sleep and maintain their health.


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