How To Cleanse Your Aura For Positivity

April 13, 2023

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Auras are like a sensitive layer around our souls that pick up everything we come into contact with. And while there is no scientific research backing up auras, you can imagine how negative actions or thoughts can hurt us and leave invisible scars on our psyches. In reality, the more damage we do to ourselves, the more negative consequences we face emotionally and physically. When we properly take care of ourselves, not let others or circumstances get us down and stay positive, we can become happier, more energetic individuals. Likewise, you can think of aura cleansing as getting rid of negative energy that can attach to our auras and deplete us. I like to look at auras not necessarily as fact, but as a way to grow and connect in a more positive way with others and myself.

An aura is considered an electro-magnetic energy field that surrounds and extends out beyond your physical body. It is made up of live and intelligent vibrations and contains every color of the rainbow that constantly change signaling our thoughts and emotions. When we are happy and filled with love and positivity, our auras expand. But when we are sad, our auras contract. Regularly cleansing auras is considered a necessity in personal growth, prevention of illness, and gaining better relationships with others. Think of auras as tied to the vibes you want to send out and aura cleansing as ridding yourself of the bad vibes you receive.

Recently, I’ve felt very alone in the world and withdrawn from others. I have a lot of built-up tension and lower self-esteem from collecting and burying the thoughts I feel from unfortunate circumstances, bad days and poorly adjusting to a new community. To help overcome this negative energy I have accumulated, cleansing my aura is a way for me to reflect and be more open and optimistic about life so I can shine in front of others instead of hiding within my bubble. What the real message here is is that whatever helps you to reflect on negative emotions and erase inner turmoil, can make you a more positive influence on others and create a happier you, whether that is the idea of aura cleansing or something else.

But for fun, below are four ways to cleanse the aura for positivity that radiates from yourself touching upon everyone you encounter.

1. Protection bubble: Each morning when you wake up imagine a white light streaming down upon you. The white light hits the crown of your head and flows around your body and reaches under your feet. You have created a protection bubble of white light, a pure and protective color. Optionally you can add mirrors to reflect away negative energy or add symbols like hearts or peace signs to express what you want to send out to the world that day.

2. Smudging: Try the Native American practice of smudging the area around you with white sage. Seal the room you are in and burn white sage, letting the smoke fill the room and dissolve the negative energy and eliminate negative energy blockages.

3. Sound therapy: The vibrational tones of certain sounds can be very soothing and offer cleansing and release of tension from our bodies. Try a Tibetan singing bowl, chimes or ceremonial drum to help release negativity.

4. Combing: wash your hands thoroughly and using your fingers as a comb, brush through the space surrounding your body from top to bottom. Wash your hands again after to wash away any of the negative energy picked up by your fingers.

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