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DIY Eye Cream Recipes That Banish Fine Lines, Dark Circles & Puffiness Naturally


You don’t have to shell out $$$ on an expensive eye cream. Check out these ideas for super effective DIY eye cream.

DIY Eye Cream Recipes That Banish Fine Lines, Dark Circles & Puffiness Naturally

This article was originally published on June 16, 2014.

Every morning, I groggily face the bathroom mirror and notice the same shades of purple hanging under my eyes. I’ve begun to realize that yes, more sleep is necessary, but moisturizing underneath my eyes is, too. The skin underneath our eyes is the thinnest layer of skin on our bodies (besides hands) making it more prone to show bruising from blood circulation issues and delicate enough to experience the first signs of aging.

Dark circles are widely recognized as caused by lack of sleep, but also are a result of allergies, skin pigmentation, genetics, illness, or poor diet or lifestyle choices such as drugs, smoking or alcohol consumption. Puffiness can also be caused by genetics or allergies, and fluid retention, dehydration, or fluctuating hormones.

To help reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dryness, and help eradicate dark circles in the morning, a DIY eye cream can make a big difference (additionally, it’s a great beauty routine start to minimizing the effects of aging). That’s why I’ve explored the all-natural DIY eye cream options and discovered the best and simplest solutions to repair and rejuvenate the oh-so-delicate area underneath the eyes.

Evening Primrose and Coconut DIY Eye Cream

Vitamin E is a great anti-aging ingredient to use for underneath the eyes because of its firming properties and ability to help fight wrinkles. Evening primrose oil softens skin, diminishes fine lines and dark circles, and reduces inflammation and skin irritation. Coconut oil is a light oil that is easily absorbed by the area around the eyes and makes your skin superbly supple. The combination of rosehip oil and vitamin E with coconut oil helps hydrate skin while simultaneously fighting off the effects of aging.

Heat up ½ cup of coconut oil in microwave for 15 seconds
Puncture 5 capsules of vitamin E oil
Mix both ingredients together and add a tablespoon of evening primrose oil
Put mixture inside a container and store in fridge until it solidifies.
Once solid, take out of the refrigerator and store in your medicine cabinet
Apply cream after cleansing in the morning underneath makeup and before bedtime

Vitamin E and Rosehip DIY Eye Cream

Rosehip oil and vitamin E make for a double-whammy for anti-aging! Vitamin E firms skin and fights wrinkles, and rosehip oil (well-known for its anti-aging properties) tightens skin, restores its elasticity, regenerates cells and fades dark spots.

Mix together a small, equal amount of rosehip oil and vitamin E oil and place in container.

Avocado and Almond Cream DIY Eye Cream

Dry skin? Try this cream then! Nourishing avocado and almond oil make skin baby soft. And avocado is not only a great moisturizer but can also help reduce fine lines. Almond oil is packed with vitamins, clears skin, renews skin cells, reduces fine lines and is anti-inflammatory and super hydrating.


Blend three slices of avocado with 5 drops of almond oil. Apply and wash off after 5 minutes.

Updated on July 19, 2017

Shea Butter and Chamomile DIY Eye Cream

Shea butter is amazingly rich without being comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores!), making it a perfect staple if you have especially dry skin or if you’re living in a windy climate and your skin needs a little extra protection. Chamomile essential oil is one of the best anti-inflammatory essential oils, and it’s a go-to for soothing redness and irritation.


Thoroughly combine 1 tablespoon shea butter with 10 drops pure chamomile essential oil. You may find the mixture easier to blend after gently warming and softening the shea butter in a sterile, stainless pot set over low heat. Decant into a container and allow the mixture to cool.


On applying: Dot eye cream using a Q-tip or your ring finger about a half inch above your upper lash line and below your lower lash line. Gently pat the dots for absorption.

Have you tried a DIY eye cream? What’s your favorite DIY eye cream recipe? Let us know in the comments!


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Jessica Renae

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    Hi do you know the shelf life of the coconut and evening primrose eye cream please

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    Finding an eye cream that would help improve the appearance of dark circles and the skin around and under my eyes was a little daunting. There were so many options out there, but not many that fit my criteria of being fragrance-free, natural, and not tested on animals. I began researching my options and found rave reviews about Dermalmd eye serum and this serum. I decided to give it a try and am very glad that I did. It goes on so smooth, has no lingering oiliness, and works well under makeup. It has no fragrance and feels good on my skin. I have noticed an improvement in the areas around my eyes, especially underneath, with reduced puffiness and a brighter fresher appearance.

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