What is Peaceful Dumpling?

When we started PD in July 2013, we wanted to created a place to warmth, well-being, positive inspiration, and health–a place you can’t wait to check-in every day. PD is where you can find your latest healthy eating and health news, holistic tips, fitness and yoga tutorials; cruelty-free, feel-good beauty ideas; delicious vegan recipes; eco-friendly style and conscious living tips; and your motivation, inspiration, confidence, and kindness. We could tell you that we’ve accomplished it, but our readers said it best!

Honestly just wanted to say that I absolutely love your daily dumplings! I look forward to them every single day and I honestly feel like I can relate to every single point  you make. Thank you for making my days and thoughts seem real


You always pick subjects that are very relevant to modern women’s life, and your positivity gives us all a little ray of sunshine (and that’s kinda rere in London). I’m so glad I found the peaceful dumpling 🙂

You bring balance and peace into my day and I always look forward to your adventures.-Julia
Thank you so much for all of your awesome inspiration, you always post the exact words that I need to read/remember, exactly when I need to read/remember.


Thank you so much for visiting and we look forward to begin a sunny part of your day.

With love,

Peaceful Dumpling