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Peaceful Dumpling is a vegan lifestyle media company. We provide premium content spanning everything vegan, including recipes, healthy eating, mind and body, wellness, fitness, natural beauty, eco-friendly style, and more. With expert writers (including holistic nutritionists, certified yoga teachers and personal trainers, elite athletes, and professional editors), attentively curated content, and an authentic sense of community, Peaceful Dumpling is a trusted authority with a loyal and highly targeted audience.

Our readers are vegans, vegetarians, and people with other dietary restrictions for health or ethical concerns; those who are health-conscious and sustainability-minded; natural and chemical-free beauty junkies; yogis, runners, and fitness enthusiasts; and anyone interested in holistic health and mindful living.

If you’re interested in reaching our engaged audience of healthy-lifestyle lovers, there are a number of options, including those listed below. We look forward to working with you to come up with effective and creative marketing solutions.

Advertising Opportunities

  1. Display

    Increase brand awareness across both desktop and mobile

  2. Sponsored Content

    Our editors will create a high-quality article promoting your business and or product.

  3. Giveaway

    Generate buzz and conversation around your product or service by doing a giveaway. Our social media team and editors work together to provide your brand with extensive outreach.

  4. Newsletters

    Reach the inbox of a dedicated and highly focused health, fitness, and beauty consumer, with a sponsored newsletter that has the quality and appeal of our editorial newsletter.

  5. Customized Opportunities

    The PD team will work with you to provide a highly customized marketing campaign.