From Hula Hooping to Roller Blading, 12 Exercises That Connect You to Your Inner Child

September 6, 2023

It is vital to move your body, especially as you age. The gym can be intimidating, and starting a strict regimen can seem daunting. You might wish you could go back to the days of recess or playing in the backyard. 

Becoming an adult doesn’t mean you must forfeit the fun, carefree ways you played as a kid. These 12 exercises can help you get and stay healthy while reconnecting to your inner child. 

Exercises to get in touch with your inner child

1. Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles has physical and mental health benefits. You must use controlled, deep breaths to make these fun soap creations. When you feel stressed or anxious, you can use the same breathing techniques to calm your nervous system as you do to blow bubbles. 

Knowing to control your breathing can help with other exercises, like running and weightlifting, where breathwork is a powerful part of success. If you want giant bubbles, consider getting one of the larger wands and running around the yard to burn calories and create impressive floating artwork. 

2. Crab Walk

You might get on all fours to clean your floors or lower cabinets, but when’s the last time you did it backward? Crab walking was a silly trick when you were a kid, but it can now be an impressive core and upper body exercise. Plus, it’s still a lot of fun to do.  

3. Dancing

Many adults only dance when the social setting calls for it, like a wedding or a ball. However, kids often feel free to let go of their inhibitions and have a dance party in the bedroom, grocery store or backyard. 

Dancing is great cardio, and you can make up the moves that feel good. Don’t be afraid to blast your favorite song and enjoy moving to the beat. 

4. Headstand

Balance is a crucial part of avoiding falls as you age. A headstand is a great way to achieve it. It can be challenging to accomplish as an adult, but doing one is enjoyable for you and entertaining for friends. 

Headstands strengthen your core and upper spine. They can also help you adapt to disorienting situations.

5. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is another excellent way to engage your core and improve your balance. You can stick to the standard grid or get creative with the shape and spacing of your numbers. 

Sidewalk chalk isn’t just for kids, and drawing out your board can be relaxing. However, you’ll soon get your heart pumping by quickly hopping along your path.  

6. Hula-Hooping

a woman balancing a hula hoop on her shoulder in a park

You might have heard of adults using weighted hula hoops, but any kind can increase your heart rate, improving your cardio fitness. 

You can do tricks with a classic hula hoop, like tossing it, walking the dog or transferring it to other parts of your body. A hula hoop is a great way to break up the monotony of different cardio workouts.  

7. Ice Skating

You don’t need kids or a romantic winter evening to enjoy time on the ice. Ice skating is great for building strength, improving cardio fitness and challenging your balance. 

Ice skating can help your legs if they seem weak or stiff. The graceful movements and challenging tricks can improve flexibility and strengthen your lower body muscles. 

8. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great way to improve your cardiovascular health and maintain your range of motion. Reminisce about gym class or challenge your friends to see who can do the most in a minute. 

More than 60% of adults don’t get enough exercise. Jumping jacks are great for working out since you can do them almost anywhere and don’t need any equipment. 

9. Jump-Rope

Jumping is an excellent skill in your back pocket, but people often don’t do it enough as adults to make significant leaps. Jumping rope can help. 

It’s an excellent cardio and core-strengthening workout that challenges upper and lower body muscles. It’s a perfect way to maintain your jumping skills, which could come in handy in a dangerous situation. 

10. Keep-It-Up

It was such a simple game to entertain kids. Toss a balloon or hollow ball in the air and see how long you can keep it from touching the ground. It’s also a great way to get some adult exercise. 

Keep-it-up can help you maintain your range of motion by motivating you to move your body to keep the item in the air. The lighter the article, the more challenging it gets to control it, forcing you to stretch, jump or slide to maintain your streak. 

11. Racing

Running is a common exercise for adults to stay healthy, but many people find it tedious. Make things enjoyable by entering or challenging a friend to a race. Racing is a field-day activity that encourages kids to nurture their competitive spirit. Adults can find joy in running again by feeling the adrenaline of a friendly challenge. 

You can race down the road, on a track or through a backyard obstacle course. Finding new ways to enjoy the competition can strengthen your heart and lungs.

12. Rollerblading

Rollerblading is a fun way to get around town, offering great health benefits. Just because you see more kids doing it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it as adults. Many areas have clubs where adults can rollerblade together. 

woman tying her roller blades while sitting on a wooden bench

Enjoying time in your blades strengthens your lower body muscles and core. It also helps improve your balance and get your heart rate up. 

Who says you must take the fun out of exercise as you age? Enjoying the games and activities you did as a kid can motivate you to stay healthy, get fit and have a good time.

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