Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

May 4, 2014

Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

I use crystals every day to enhance my life.

Using crystals for healing or promoting a happier life is a centuries-old technique.  Recently, with Americans’ resurgence of interest in yoga, Hinduism, and Eastern spirituality in general, crystal shops have been popping up all over the place. In my neighborhood alone, I can think of four separate storefronts that sell crystals and stones with the purpose of healing.

Personally, I believe that the crystal carrying is less of a magic trick for good luck and happiness, and more of a symbolic tool for reminding me of what I’m seeking and aspiring for today.

Like a prettier, New Agey-er version of tying a string around your finger. 😉

However you believe that it works, many people swear by it! Here are a few of my favorite crystals and how I use them:


Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

I use amethyst specifically for helping with insomnia. According to tradition, placing an amethyst stone under your pillow while you sleep helps keep nightmares at bay and supports a solid night’s rest. Amethyst is also supposed to be a particularly powerful stone for mental clarity, so wear it as a pendant or a ring to your next exam!

Black Tourmaline:

Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

As an empath, I’m always looking for ways to protect myself from absorbing the negative energies of those around me. Black tourmaline is known for its grounding properties as well as its ability to protect you from negative vibes. I have a black tourmaline pendant I wear to work occasionally when I know I’m feeling a little emotionally raw.

Rose Quartz:

Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

Rose quartz is known for its ability to attract love. It makes you seem more available to potential hotties, and it helps ignite deeper compassion for those you already care about. I like to carry a little nugget of rose quartz with me on first dates. I’ve also been told that it’s good to leave a piece in the love corner of your room (in Feng Shui, that’s the furthest right corner of your room from your doorway).


Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

I’ve heard a lot of different things about the benefits of carrying pyrite. I’ve always carried it around to promote an optimistic outlook, but my friend carries it specifically for preventing insecurity. I think in my mind, both of those things go hand in hand. I’ve seen it sold in cube form, which I like – it makes for a lovely and interesting pendant or ring.


Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

Amber is not a crystal or semi-precious stone, but fossilized tree resin. It has been used for healing and ornament since the Stone Ages (13,000 years ago). Typically, I use Amber when I’m feeling a little under the weather. I wear it as jewelry, or alternatively, I use amber resin. Sold in little squares, you can break off a little piece of the resin and rub it on the area of your body that is bothering you. It works wonders for me! It also smells lovely, so I might just be too mystified by the perfume to notice my pain anymore. 😉


Using Crystals for Daily Inspiration

My best friend wears a moonstone ring everyday. It helps connect you better to your intuition, and keeps your emotions balanced. The best way to cleanse this stone is supposedly in the light of the full moon! How romantic!

On that note, cleansing crystals occasionally will clear any negative energy they may have absorbed. For other crystals besides moonstone, I like to leave my crystals in a cup of sea salt overnight, usually outside so they might catch a little moonlight or starlight.

There are hundreds of different rocks and crystals for meditation. Do a little research! Find out what would work best for you!

I’ve found that meditating on the meaning and purpose of the stone is probably the most powerful aspect of the ritual. I’ve found that putting that thought in your mind is really the seed to perspective changes that can change your behavior and the way the world reacts to you.

The best way to learn about crystals isn’t always from a book. Find a store near you that sells them, and stop in to talk to someone. They have the best advice. 🙂

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