4 Fun Sliders Exercises That Will Trim & Sculpt Your Entire Body (Video)

July 3, 2017

Sliders Exercises That Tone Your Entire Body

Glide your way to your fittest bod with these fun sliders exercises!

Los Angeles has become a hotspot for revolutionary workout methods and a variety of fitness studios at your finger tips.

One of my favorite things to do is get sweaty in a high intensity training class or zen out in a yoga class.  Fitness is a very important aspect of my life.  Although we may not always have the time or access to fitness classes, home workouts are just as effective.  I love to use my slider discs to amp up my home workouts, ensuring I never feel deprived of a powerful, sweaty workout!

These portable slider discs are fun, affordable, and highly effective and all you have to do is slide your way to a lean, toned body!


This disc or that disc?

There is a large selection on the market today, and my top brand of slider disc is the Nyma Core Sliders.  These slider discs have a little cushion on the bottom to avoid any floor scratches and last for a long time. There are dozens of dynamic exercises to do with the slider discs. I’ve learned many exercises through my fitness instructors at Yogaworks, and some by safely playing around on my own!

My top 4 powerful slider disc exercises

  • Mountain climbers
  • Plank hold with leg abduction
  • Lunges
  • Plank hold with criss-cross legs


Why these 4 exercise are my favorite!

These movements may looks simple, but they pack a big punch. The slider discs utilize major muscles groups such as the shoulders, core, glutes and legs all while increasing your cardiovascular strength.


Place balls of both feet onto slider discs and start in standard plank position. Check that the wrists are directly beneath the shoulders. Aim to keep your spine’s natural curve. You can achieve this by gently tucking your pubic bone towards your navel and slightly draw your sternum forward. Activate your abdominal muscles to pull one knee towards your chest, hold briefly, then switch legs. Once you feel comfortable, you can play around with pace. I love to increase my pace with mountain climbers to kick my heart rate up and burn more fat.

Targets: Shoulders, deltoids, abdominal muscles, spinal erectors, gluteus maximus, quadriceps.


Place balls of both feet onto slider discs and start in standard plank position, as mentioned above in mountain climbers.  Slowly begin to draw the legs apart approximately 3-4 feet wide, hold briefly, then slowly drag the legs back together r to finish in plank.  Again, feel free to play with the pace in this exercise. It is very important to keep you spine and hips from swaying down low. A common misalignment is over arching the spine, causing the hips to dip down. One way to correct this is to tilt the pelvis slightly towards the navel, wrap lower ribs in, and press palms firmly into the floor creating space in the shoulders.

Targets: Shoulders, deltoids, abdominal muscles, spinal erectors, gluteus maximus, quadriceps, abductor muscles (outer hips and thighs)


Start standing up. Place balls of both feet onto slider discs. Slowly slide and lower one leg back, bending both knees to a 90 degree angle. Float the back leg knee a few inches off the floor. Slowly draw the back leg forward as you straighten both legs and raise to standing. Alternate sides. It is very important to keep the front leg knee is directly above the ankle when bent.  A common misalignment is the front knee moving further forward than the ankle and toes. Always start slow and pay attention to your alignment to avoid any aches or pains.

Targets:  Shoulders, deltoids, gluteus minimus-medium, quadriceps, hamstrings, core stabilizing muscles 


Place balls of both feet onto slider discs and start in standard plank position, as mentioned before in mountain climbers.  Cross the right leg underneath and out towards the left side. Hold here. Using your right oblique muscles, pull the right leg back towards your midline ending in plank position. Alternate sides. Option to dip the hip towards the floor when one leg is crossed beneath and extended.  This adds a little more work for the oblique muscles to now lift and pull the leg back to plank.

Targets:  Shoulders, deltoids, spinal erectors, Abdominal muscles-internal/external obliques-transverse-rectus  

No slider discs? No problem!  I’ve used small hand towels or dish towels before I had my slider discs!

I hope you have fun trying out these exercises and discover what movements work best for your body as you glide your way into a lean, toned and most importantly a healthy body.


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