Peaceful Practice: How to Use Healing Crystals in Yoga

July 8, 2016

Okay, so no one tell my rational, of-this-world husband, but I recently acquired a crystal—and not in a pair of earrings—rather, it’s of the semi-polished, energy-cleansing, new-agey variety.

I found a small, clear quartz point while browsing the “home accents” section at TJMaxx. (Because where else would you go to commune with the divine?) They say that the right crystal will choose you, and I did feel that there was something special between this little rock and me. And for $6.99, how could I say no?

Peaceful Practice: How to Use Healing Crystals during Yoga

But all flippancy aside, I’ve been attracted to the idea of healing stones for some time. My encounters with spiritual grace have always been driven by experiences of natural beauty, both large and small. Having beauty around me plays an important role in my quality of life that cannot be overemphasized.

Also, as a poetry lover, I’m forever drawn to metaphor, which spills into my experience of the material world. An object becomes so much more valuable to me as soon as it represents a beautiful idea. And at a certain point, it becomes impossible to distinguish the metaphor from the subject it represents—at least in my dreamy brain.

So if we say that rose quartz represents the fourth chakra (the heart) or that it stands for  unconditional love—even if we consider that stone a metaphor—it still has power for me because metaphor has power.

Peaceful Practice: How to Use Healing Crystals during Yoga

This is why, amidst a phase of my life during which I can often be found reading the news on my phone or devouring science writing on nutrition and cosmetic ingredients, I feel in desperate need of an amulet of some sort—a quick route to beauty and metaphor. So why not a crystal?

Using Healing Crystals in Your Yoga Practice

Peaceful Practice: How to Use Healing Crystals during Yoga

Whether you believe crystals are the key to unlocking your spiritual bliss or you simply find them a pretty decoration, there are several ways to use them to enhance your yoga practice. I’ve been enjoying mine in a new yoga space I’ve set up for myself. It only makes sense to combine yoga, a healing practice for many practitioners, with symbols of spiritual wellness. Here are a few ways to use healing crystals in your yoga practice.

–As you hold a pose, meditate on a single stone and the meaning it represents. 

–Place crystals around your yoga mat, or place a single stone a the top and back of your mat. Note: avoid doing this if you plan on doing any balance poses—or anything that may cause you to fall!

–Wear a crystal pendant on a string of mala beads

–Carry a stone in your yoga bag to remind you of important intentions before and after class.

–Decorate your home yoga space with crystals to help set the mood. Move the crystals around every so often to keep the area visually refreshing.

Crystals to incorporate in your yoga practice:

Clear quartz. Clear quartz represents clarity of mind, inner power, and spiritual growth. The stone is believed to aid in the release of spiritual and emotional pain.

Rose quartz. The stone of self-love and compassion for others, this symbol is credited with helping us become more tolerant of others and may help us heal past emotional wounds. A perfect companion to a practice full of heart-openers.

Fluorite. A stone for the modern world, fluorite is associated with improving concentration and calming restlessness caused by the world’s uncertainties.

Amethyst. This stone of peace, stability, patience, and inner strength would be a perfect accompaniment to a restorative practice.

Citrine. This warm yellow stone is associated with abundance, prosperity, and success. (Some people even carry it around in their wallets!). The beautiful color is believed to inspire optimism. Use one during a power yoga session.

Hematite. This weighty rock is associated with enhanced concentration, spiritual grounding, and a sense of being protected. Another great option for a restorative practice.

Do you use healing crystals in your yoga practice? Which ones are your favorites?

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