Chocolate Chaga Matcha Latte--Three Ways

February 7, 2018

Chocolate Chaga Matcha Latte Three WaysAfter learning about the many potential benefits of chaga, which range from immune-boosting effects and antiviral properties to DNA damage protection, I wanted to introduce some variety and make drinking the earthy mushroom tea more fun. Who doesn’t want a little bit more fun?

Enter chocolate and, yes, matcha. Try not to judge the combination. Lately, I keep both cocoa powder and matcha powder well-stocked for all my craving needs. This chocolate chaga matcha latte experiment did not disappoint.

I used Four Sigmatic’s Chaga Elixer, which comes in powder form.

Health Benefits of Chaga

In addition to cocoa and matcha powders, you’ll need vegan milk of choice (I used soy), a vegan whipped cream of choice (such as Rice Whip or coconut cream), a frozen banana, and you might like to have a bamboo matcha whisk, but any whisk will do.

Variation 1: The Not-So-Basic Matcha Latte

While my teapot was heating on the stove, I sifted a serving of chaga, with a teaspoon each of chocolate and matcha, into a mug. Sifting helps prevent lumps in your tea. Lifehack: I used a tea strainer to sift, but, unlike me, you may have a sifter on hand.

Then I poured a few ounces of hot water into the mug, just enough to incorporate the powder with the whisk. Pro tip: it’s best to move the whisk in a zigzag, rather than circular, motion.

When the mixture is a smooth, dark liquid, you may pour steamed vegan milk of your choice (adjust the amount to your liking). Feel free to add vanilla extract and/or sweetener of choice at this point, too.

Chocolate Chaga Matcha Latte Three Ways

Variation 2: The Feeling-Extra Latte With Whimsical Whipped Cream

I happened to have some leftover Rice Whip in the fridge and dispensed a generous amount of the whipped cream on top! If you’re looking for a less processed option, try scooping out the cream from a chilled can of coconut milk. Personally, I always keep a couple of cans in my fridge for just such an occasion.

Chocolate Chaga Matcha Latte Three Ways

Variation 3: The Cool and Creamy Smoothie

If it’s hot out, or you’re just in the mood for a thick shake and extra sweetness, pour the above into a blender with a frozen banana. Feel free to add other fruit, if you like. It’s your drink, after all.

Chocolate Chaga Matcha Latte Three Ways

Have you tried chaga? Would you try it with chocolate in a matcha latte?

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Photos: Four Sigmatic, Estella Ramirez

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