There Are Now 6 All-Vegan Grocery Stores Across The World. This Is Not A Drill.

February 9, 2018

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

If you’re vegan, grocery shopping in your average neighborhood store can be tricky. Although grocery stores are starting to carry more vegan products, it can still be difficult to find all of the items you need. While there are apps like “Is It Vegan?” that make grocery shopping *way* easier by allowing you to scan the barcode of an item to find out whether it is in fact vegan, you may still be desiring a shopping experience that doesn’t involve walking past the meat section in order to get to your cruelty-free goodies. Thankfully, there are all-vegan grocery stores out there, and new ones seem to be popping up each and every day! If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your favorite vegan products, here are six of the newest all-vegan grocery stores from around the globe!

Firefly Outpost – Boyertown, Pennsylvania

100% Vegan Grocery Store

With new items pouring in every week, it’s quite likely you’ll find all your favorite vegan must-haves at the Firefly Outpost! The store features a wide selection of vegan foods, including artisan cheeses and meat substitutes from big-name vegan brands like The Herbivorous Butcher, Miyoko’s Creamery, and Field Roast, as well as cruelty-free soaps and household cleaning products. It also carries organic, gluten-free, and soy-free items and even has an assortment of vegan pet supplies to please your furry companions. Husband-and-wife duo Michael Martinez and Loriann Wade opened the store late last year following the success of their vegan bakery, the Firefly Café, which is located right next door.

Veggie Rebellion – Glendale, Arizona

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

Arizona’s first all-vegan grocery store is also the newest shop to grace this list as Veggie Rebellion’s much-anticipated grand opening is today! The store supplies locally produced, organic, and fair-trade products and is even eco-friendly! In an effort to be waste-free, Veggie Rebellion doesn’t supply plastic bags and encourages customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags. The store has also partnered with the Herbivorous Butcher to become the only distributor in Arizona to carry their products.

AVE MKT – Strongsville, Ohio

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

Opened in the summer of last year, AVE MKT, short for “Avenue Market,” is a cheery shop nestled inside of The Cute Little Cake Shop bakery. The owners of the store, mother-daughter team Marcia Rehak and Janet Yurcik, decided to expand the bakery (which has been open since 2011) after realizing the growing demand for vegan products in the area. AVE MKT features numerous non-GMO, organic, and all-natural products, namely vegan meats, cheeses, and snack items. The quaint market also carries vegan pet treats and has a small selection of cruelty-free bath and body products.

Sweet to Lick: The Market – Williston Park, New York

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

One of Long Island’s very first (if not only) all-vegan grocery stores, Sweet to Lick – The Market opened in the fall of last year and has quickly become a favorite for New Yorkers seeking cruelty-free products. After opening the vegan bakery Sweet to Lick in the summer of 2013, owner and chef Michael Sabet decided to open the store so it would be easier for vegans to find some of their most favored products. Located only a block away from the bakery, The Market has an assortment of meat- and dairy-free frozen goods, along with a plethora of vegan snacks and other household supplies.

Vegan Aisle – Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

Following its grand opening last fall, Vegan Aisle became the first all-vegan supermarket to set up shop in Australia’s Gold Coast. Co-owners James Denney and Brett Page’s mission was to create a store specifically for vegans looking to find items not typically sold in standard grocery stores. Vegan Aisle features such items as vegan chocolates, cheeses, and fresh produce, and aims to support local, 100% Australian vegan businesses. The owners have since opened Vegan Aisle Eatery and Bar, which serves up specialty coffees, vegan burgers, pizza, and other delicious hot items!

Naturalia Vegan – Paris, France

100% Vegan Grocery Stores

A popular organic grocery chain in France, Naturalia recently converted three of their existing locations (in Paris and Vincennes) into all-vegan supermarkets. With over 2,000 vegan products to choose from (with some available for purchase online), you can expect to see more Naturalia stores expanding as popularity for vegan products grows.

Have you been to any of these all-vegan grocery stores?

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