Vegan Almond Earl Grey Latte (No Fancy Tools Required)

October 10, 2017
It took me an embarrassingly long time to try a homemade latte. Once I did, however, I was kicking myself for putting it off for so many years. Don't let coffee shops fool you: to make a good latte in the comfort of your own kitchen, you only need a few ingredients and a decent blender. This earl grey latte is as simple as can be, but the addition of almond milk makes it something special. Of course, you can use any non-dairy milk you'd like, but I think the distinct taste of almond milk integrates so nicely with the bitter and fruity flavors of the tea. Finally, a small amount of coconut butter or oil makes the drink silky and creamy. Enjoy!
Earl Grey Latte (No Fancy Tools Required!)

Vegan Almond Earl Grey Latte (No Fancy Tools Required)

Recipe Type: Beverages
utensils YIELDS 1 latte
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  • 8 oz boiling water
  • 1 earl grey tea bag
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon coconut butter or oil
  • 1-2 teaspoons maple syrup or agave
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1. Pour boiling water into a large mug with tea bag, leaving about an inch of room for milk. Steep for 5 minutes. 2. While tea is steeping, blend together almond milk, coconut butter or oil, and sweetener for a good 2 minutes. Immediately pour on top of tea, and serve.
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__ Photo: Molly Lansdowne

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