Save 500 Calories a Day This Weekend Without Going To the Gym

July 25, 2013

vegan cooking couple weekendHappy Thursday! If you, like me, have get off early on Summer Fridays, Thursdays really begin to feel like the start of the weekend. (squeee!) Unfortunately, the longer 3 day weekend usually means veering off-course, in terms of diet and exercise.

So here is a 3-day plan to save up to 500 calories a day using simple swaps and chores. It takes 50 minutes of moderate running to burn 500 calories, and consistent exercise is the best way to stay fit in the long run. But don’t feel guilty if you just don’t have time to exercise, you hardworking woman, you. Just incorporate these simple tips to save calories and you won’t feel overwhelmed or exhausted on Monday.


1. Making your bed and putting away your clothes (5 minutes) – 12 calories

2. Walking 10 blocks to get your lunch (20 minutes) – 86 calories

3. Doing your laundry, folding clothes, and organizing your closet (1 hour) – 156 calories

4. Afternoon snack: swapping baby carrots, bell peppers, and celery for pita chips with your hummus – 200 calories

5. Happy hour: a glass of sauvignon blanc instead of sangria – 50 calories

Total: 504 Calories saved!



1. Breakfast: cold-pressed green juice instead of your latte – 80 calories

2. Grocery shopping (1 hour) – 175 calories

3. Date: Shopping for the apartment instead of going to the movies (2 hours) – 200 calories

4. Dessert: 2 cups of fresh watermelon instead of 1 Tofutti Cutie Ice Cream Sandwich – 40 calories

Total: 495 Calories saved!



1. Brunch: Tofu scramble instead of vegan pancakes with agave syrup – 250 calories

2. Cleaning the apartment (1 hour) – 170 calories

3. Abs while watching Sunday night TV (20 minutes) – 74 calories

3. Light yoga and stretching before bed (15 minutes) – 42 calories

Total: 536 Calories Saved!




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