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Strong, Sexy, Inspirational – Top Vegan Figure Competitors

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Figure competition 2.0

If you hear the words "body building" and "figure competition," and think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or extremely muscular women with an awkward orange tan, you haven't seen these smokin' hot ladies with perfectly defined, but natural figures. What makes these women even more hard core is that they're all vegan, and that they use the media attention to promote healthy eating and animal rights. Strong, beautiful, and conscientious, they will cause some serious body envy and motivational boost. If you haven't hit the gym today, you will definitely want to go after seeing this.

Photo: Samantha Shorkey

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Claudia Lailhacar

It takes clean eating and dedication to a fit life. If you lose it quickly, it will come back quickly and with more of it. It did not take 2 weeks to get the body you have now - why would it take 2 weeks to get the body you want???
It doesn't take 2-3 hours a day at the gym to achieve--me, never more than 40-45 minutes.

--Claudia Lailhacar; started competing at age 37; national-level figure competitor

Photo: Claudia Lailhacar

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Amanda Riester

I love the positive attention I get from complete strangers. Both men and women compliment my lean, athletic physique and I always use that as a way to promote a healthy vegan diet! It has definitely been the best way of advocating for me. Previously I went to a lot of protests and rallies, but never received much positive feedback. It’s sad, but appearances matter to people in our society, so I use my fit body as a tool for animal activism!

--Amanda Riester, former professional boxer, national-level figure competitor, lifelong animal lover and advocate. She trains 6 days a week, twice a day, and does 30-45 minute cardio on empty stomach.

Photo: Amanda Riester

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Mary Luciano

Most people in the fitness industry find it hard to believe that you can add muscle to your physique without eating meat, poultry, fish and eggs. So for the past three years I have wanted to dispel this myth and in doing so I decided to enter a fitness competition where my diet was not just a vegan diet, but a high raw vegan diet...Depending on the season and where I am in my training regime, my diet consists of 90 to 100 per cent raw foods, with the exception of some steamed vegetables and on occasion tempeh or tofu.

--Mary Luciano, raw vegan figure competitor, trainer, and health advocate; began competing in 2008 at age 38

Photo: Mary Luciano

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Samantha Shorkey

I think a lot of people also think that buying “free range” eggs or “organic” meat from a farm somehow justifies the killing and treatment of the animals they’re consuming. At the end of the day, they are STILL being slaughtered. I think a lot more people would consider a vegan diet if they actually saw first-hand how their meat gets from the farm to their plate...And lastly, remember that it’s super easy to be an unhealthy, overweight vegan too. Everything in moderation. One bad meal isn’t going to make you fat just like one good meal isn’t going to make you fit.

--Samantha Shorkey, fitness competitor (bikini division), Vega ambassador

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peaceful dumpling

peaceful dumpling

Fitness competitions of yore featured steroid-pumped muscle men with slick orange tans. Not so these vegan figure competitors, who are strong, sexy, and serious athletes in their own right. Be inspired by these amazing top vegan figure competitors and fitness models. Find out how they train, what they eat and why they are vegan.

peaceful dumpling

peaceful dumpling

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