Yoga Flow For December: Slowing Down And Setting Intentions

December 26, 2021

The winter solstice just passed, and with that means a fresh opportunity to spend time winding down and setting new intentions for the upcoming year. This period of time is the darkest, and a great time to examine our shadow selves. Let go of everything that is no longer serving you and really focus on what it is you seek to cultivate with the new year.

Join Paige in this 28-minute slow flow vinyasa class, which also includes a meditation at the beginning that focuses on our inner flames. This practice uses visualization and manifestation techniques to help us examine our inner desires and dreams.

Find a comfy space to unroll your mat, light some candles, and let’s begin. Namaste.


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Video: Paige Butzlaff

Paige Butzlaff
Paige has been writing since she was 7 years old. She's an avid fan of reading, especially metaphysical books, and sipping on matcha tea lattes. An ethical vegan, Paige is passionate about activism and raising awareness. Her passions also include yoga and cats. She calls Southern California her home and the Universe her playground. Follow Paige on Instagram @beingpaige and YouTube.


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