What the Most Powerful Vegan in the World Eats Everyday - Bill Clinton Spills the Beans (and Quinoa)

July 31, 2013

Ah, Bill, Bill, Bill. Love him or not, you can’t argue against the fact that he’s the most powerful vegan on earth right now. And he’s done a lot to bring veganism in to the mainstream. In a recent interview with AARP, he revealed exactly what he eats on a day to day basis.

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For breakfast, the former POTUS drinks a quick almond milk smoothie with vegan protein and berries. Lunch is usually a green salad with some sort of beans. In the afternoon he might snack on some nuts or hummus with vegetables, and for dinner he goes for quinoa and veggie burger. And for carb-lovers, Clinton recommends “whipped cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes.” Someone’s been using Pinterest!

What surprises me is how refreshingly simple his diet is. It’s something ordinary vegans might eat at home, though to be fair all his meals are prepared by his personal chef, and his “dining out-with-non-vegan-friends” story involves no less than the Peruvian first couple. “They made a whole vegan meal for me, and they ate it too,” gushed Clinton, especially about “this unbelievable quinoa dish.”

And full disclosure–once a week or so, he does eat salmon or an omelet, so technically he’s really a vegetarian who eats vegan most of the time. But I still think that having a bona fide world leader as a spokesperson for veganism is tremendous progress. 

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Photo: 123rf.com; Peaceful Dumpling


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