Easy 4-Ingredient Juice Pulp Crackers

April 18, 2019
If you're anything like me, you love the health benefits and taste of freshly pressed veggie juice, but you hate creating food waste—especially if it's avoidable. So before you go ahead and toss that veggie pulp out, give this recipe a go! You'll be amazed at how easy to make they are. They take a little prep, but once you've done that, you can just shove them in the oven and relax!

Easy 4-Ingredient Juice Pulp Crackers

Recipe Type: Appetizers Detox
utensils YIELDS One tray full of crackers
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  • 200g Golden Flaxseed
  • 150g Oat Flour (make your own by blending oats!)
  • 150g Shelled Pumpkin Seeds
  • 250g Veggie Pulp
  • 200g Golden Flaxseed
  • 150g Oat Flour (make your own by blending oats!)
  • 150g Shelled Pumpkin Seeds
  • 250g Veggie Pulp
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1. Soak the flaxseed in just enough water to cover them overnight.
2. Combine the flaxseed with the oat flour, pumpkin seeds and veggie pulp in a big bowl and mix until well combined.
3. Put the mixture on a baking paper covered baking tray. You can spread it out either by using the back of a spoon or by covering the mixture with another piece of baking paper and rolling it out with a rolling pin. This will avoid the ‘dough’ from sticking to your rolling pin.
4. Cut the mixture into squares with a knife if you want crackers with straight edges, or just break them apart once the dough has been baked in the oven.
5. Set in the oven at the lowest temperature until the upper surface is dry, then flip to bake on the other side until it’s dried completely.

Enjoy with your favorite bean dips, guacamole, as a snack on their own or with nut butter!

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Photo: Rebecca Botello

Rebecca is an Environmental Science student with a passion for healthy and sustainable living. If she isn’t in the kitchen creating delicious vegan recipes, you’ll find her doing yoga, curled up with a book and a cup of Chai Tea, or researching anything from nutrition and natural cancer treatments to the ins and outs of plastic-free living. Always up for new adventures and eager to travel to new places, you can follow her journey on Instagram @whatbecky and @eatsimplylive.


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