Post-Workout Beauty: 6 Tips to Looking Gorgeous After Gym

January 7, 2014
Post-workout Beauty Tips

In my gym bag…natural deodorant, comb, leave-in moisturizer, concealer, lip balm and Q-tips

You know those celebrities who say, “I feel my most beautiful after working out”? I can sort of imagine it, but not really understand it, like when someone confesses to not really liking the taste of chocolate. When I get a serious gym session in, I don’t look flushed and bright-eyed–it’s more, splotchy and raccoon-eyed. But since my New Year’s resolution is to do yoga everyday, I’ve figured out ways to look presentable after class. The key is to invest in a few post-workout-specific products and add some of your staples, and stash them in your gym bag, so you always have them. Whether you like to workout in the morning and go straight to work, squeeze in a class during lunch hour, or go running before meeting up for dinner, here’s how you can touch up after gym so you look glowy, not greasy.

1. Soothe and cleanse your skin with a wipe. I like Aubrey Organics Calming Skin Therapy Cleansing Wipes ($6.99), with organic aloe, lavender, and witch hazel extract to calm and tone.

How to Get Pretty After the Gym

Aubrey Organics Face Wipes

2. Spray on a pH balancing toner like Jane Iredale Balance Antioxidant Hydration Spray. With orange and grapefruit extracts, this spray balances skin’s oiliness and pH level. Either wipe away with a cotton round or let it absorb completely before moving onto the next step, because your skin is damp post-workout and needs to be calm and toned before you add anything on–otherwise, nothing will hold.


jane iredale hydration spray  - post workout beauty tips

Jane Iredale Hydration Spray tones and cleanses

3. To get rid of excess redness, dab on cream concealer like Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer ($22), only where you really need it. A stick formula (as opposed to brush or sponge applicator) will work best for post-workout skin. And now you’re done! There is no reason to cover up your glow with powder or add more blush/bronzer–let your flush come through!

tarte amazonian clay concealer

I wear “Light-beige-honey”

4. Wipe away smudges and runny mascara with a Q-tip. No need to put on more mascara or eyeliner–just define your eyes a bit with eye shadow, like Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Eyes in Beautiful Nudes ($36).

This eye shadow compact has a substantial mirror for easy touch-up. The creamy formula doesn’t require your brush–just dab a little onto your ring finger and blend!

josie maran argan beautiful eyes  - post workout beauty tips

The creamy formula of this palette works best post workout. Bonus: large compact mirror!

5. Put on a little tinted lip balm. I have Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Rose, Passion, and Plum, but for post-workout, Rose is subtle and sweet.

6. Hair: Spray a bit of leave-in moisturizer on the bottom half of your hair, avoiding the roots. (I use Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner, which smooths away any post-gym frizz and adds nice definition and shine). Brush out the kinks with your favorite comb or brush. If you’re going out, take advantage of your post-workout volume (and grip) by putting it up in a large bun–or a fun sideways braid that looks intentionally loose.

beauty after gym

A loose braid after yoga!

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