Holiday Beauty: Glittery Gold Eyeshadow Tutorial

December 26, 2013

Do you like glitter as much as I do?

We often ask ourselves many questions as we approach the New Year.  Will we keep our resolutions?  And who will be standing beside us as the ball drops?  This New Year, all I want to know is: will there be enough glitter?

Ok, I admit to passing many a New Years Eve reading in bed and passing out around 11:15 PM (I know, I know…).  I’m determined to compensate for my years of nerd-dom and lack-of-glamorous-party-going by getting festive with shimmer.  Granted, I may still find myself curled up with a book, but nothing’s ever mundane when you’ve got your glitter on.

Your best bets for colors may be any combination of silver, gold, taupe, pink, and/or black.  If you’re going to rock a brighter color, like peacock blue, for example, start with a simple wash of your bold color then carefully apply an accent color, like silver.  While sometimes more is more as far as sparkle is concerned, the same rules of color combination apply.  That being said, if ever there was a time to experiment, it’s now—act like a pro and test out color combos on the back of your hand.

Below, I’ve detailed my steps for a rosy gold shimmery eye using vegan and cruelty-free party-girl products.


1.  After applying a neutral base to your entire lid, sweep a thick layer of gold shadow across your moving eyelid.  If you’d like, smear a little gold under your eye as well.  I’m using shadows from Too Faced’s Natural Eye palette.  This gold is called “Honey Pot.”


Step 1

2.  If you’d like a little smokiness with your glimmer, press a complimentary, darker shimmer powder into the corner of your eyelid.  I’m using “Push-Up,” a dark rose-gold, and feeling amused at the thought of applying a bra to my face.


Step 2–A darker shade helps define the contours of your eyes.

3.  Highlight your brow bone and inner corner of your eye with a shimmering, pale neutral. Highlighting the brow bone emphasizes the gorgeous contours of your face while highlighting the inner corner brightens your eyes. I’m using “Silk Teddy,” and pretending that I own silky satin teddies—or just any teddy.


Step 3–Fingers make great beauty tools.

4.  Now for some real fun.  Sweep a light layer of neutral glitter shadow over the entire lid, dusting your already shimmery shades with an additional layer of glow. If a little gets on your cheekbones, I suppose that’s okay 😉 I’m using “Nude Beach,” and I’m not pretending anything about that.


Step 4–Go ahead, put some glitter right on your face!

5.  Slap on a glittery liner to define your eyes—I’m using “Purple Garnet” by Tarte from this set—and apply your favorite mascara!


Step 5–Don’t forget to curl your lashes!


close up glitter

When it comes to party looks, all that glitters is gold 🙂

P.S. As a warning, glitter does’t always show up well in photos.  In the above photo, I’m wearing about a pound of it!


Photos: Mary Hood


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