7 Lessons I Learned From The Medical Medium, aka Jenna Dewan's Health Guru

September 25, 2019

In 2015, cult-hit show Portlandia aired an episode starring Steve Buscemi as a marketing man tasked with elevating the image of celery—at that point the least sexy vegetable on the planet. It was funny because it was true: charred and caramelized Brussels sprouts or roasted heirloom rainbow carrots were hot. Celery decidedly was not. But as of early 2019, the formerly lackluster produce is possibly the hottest vegetable around. If you haven’t noticed, everyone, from Novak Djokovic to Miranda Kerr to Jenna Dewan, is chugging celery juice every morning—and this global phenomenon was single-handedly started by the Medical Medium.


I had read and published (!) enthusiastic reports of daily celery juicing right here on PD, but it was encountering this otherworldly fresh-face of Jenna Dewan (age 38) that made me sit up straighter. As a professional dancer and a vegan actress, Jenna has always been one of my go-to’s for the latest food or fitness tip. So I had to do some deep diving and here’s what I found.

Who is the Medical Medium?

Medical Medium, aka Anthony William, discovered that he had an intuition for detecting and healing illnesses at the age of 4, when he diagnoses his then-symptom-free grandmother of lung cancer. (It was soon verified by medical tests.) He claims that the “Spirit” or the “divine voice” tells him what’s ailing people and that he understands the unique healing properties and protocols that “science has yet to discover.”

If that sounds questionable, at least it’s working for millions of people. His New York Times bestselling books have received enthusiastic blurbs from no less than Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow, Pharrell Williams, Naomi Campbell, and Rashida Jones, who all claim to have been enormously helped from chronic conditions by the MM. And it may not be so crazy if you consider the fact that the Medical Medium diet is essentially a plant-based diet largely based on raw fruits and vegetables, which has been shown in studies to prevent dozens of chronic illnesses as varied as asthma, eye diseases, dementia, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.

Chronic conditions healed by the Medical Medium Diet

Personally, I don’t *currently* have a big physical malady save for a slightly funky/rusty jaw on the right side. But from 2016-2018, I’ve suffered from on-going issues that started with acne, dermatitis on my chest due to candida, to eczema (chest again), rosacea (chin), food allergies, and frequent viral infections (at least once a month in 2018). I was able to control my skin conditions only when my acupuncturist told me I had toxic build-up in my liver. I started to sleep more and reduce stress, and I did this yogurt mask recommended by Marie Veronique in order to finally vanquish chin rosacea by spring 2018.

Nonetheless, I get extremely nervous any time I see a strange redness on my skin. I’ve never felt so helpless with regards to my body as when I had strange redness all over my chest that didn’t go away for months. So I investigated what the Medical Medium has to say about chronic illnesses, including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, PCOS, chronic fatigue, Lyme, Epstein-Barr, diabetes, weight issues, depression, anxiety, bloating, and autoimmune diseases.


Some of these testimonials are truly eye-opening…

7 Lessons From The Medical Medium

  1. MM names the most important culprits to modern ailments the Unforgiving Four: Radiation, heavy metals, viruses, and DDT.
  2. When more than one of these factors coincide, they can create a perfect storm in order to affect symptoms. For example, “When a pathogen such as EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) is residing in your liver and feeding off of different toxins such as the heavy metals copper and mercury, disruptive skin conditions can appear. Different pathogens—and even different strains of the same pathogen—have different appetites for different toxins.” Eczema erupts when half copper and half mercury interacts with a virus, most commonly EBV. Psoriasis happens when approximately 3/4 copper and 1/4 mercury coincides with a virus, most commonly EBV. “Depending on which combination is present in your liver, you’ll get a different rash,” says the Medical Medium.
  3. His treatment protocols have mostly to do with healing foods. He recommends a high-raw, plant-based diet that is heavy on vegetables (for eliminating toxins) and fruits (fighting cancer and oxidation), plus spices, herbs, and supplements like spirulina to round things out.
  4. He espouses fruit sugar and raw honey. The Medical Medium believes that sugars present naturally in fruits are inseparable from their healing properties and are therefore essential and beneficial. He recommends nixing cane sugar, beet sugar, and other added sugars.
  5. He says drinking a 16 oz glass of pure celery juice every morning on an empty stomach will rid your body of toxins and pathogens, and heal your chronic issues from inside out. Here’s how to make celery juice at home, without a juicer.
  6. He places a strong emphasis on detoxifying liver. The foods that protect, energize, and cleanse the liver are: celery, wild blueberries, dates, bananas, mangoes, papaya, cilantro, lemon, cherries, all berries, apples, lettuce, artichokes, lime, asparagus, oranges, barley grass, and spirulina. Notice that a vast majority of these are affordable and widely accessible!
  7. There are energetic lessons from food itself. This is the part I actually really appreciate (almost in spite of myself) about the Medical Medium’s Life-Changing Foods book. He gives advice on how to use the prevailing energy of the food to give your spirit what it needs, such as grapes for overcoming rejection and insecurity, bananas for courage and productivity, and berries for a feeling of abundance. For example, he says: “Grazing between meals with a handful of berries can raise your body’s frequency to a more positive, peaceful state.” I’ve definitely felt this, especially with fresh, organic strawberries from the local farmer’s market. Spot-on! In fact, the Medical Medium gets deep into spiritual dimension of healing and suggests you send your state of wellness back out to the universe with good deeds and intentions. I can live with that.

This morning I rushed out to the local organic store to stock up on celery, bananas, apples, dates, spirulina powder, avocado, Brussels sprouts, and clementines according to my specific symptoms. Though it’s too early to tell whether this will finally detoxify my liver and solve my squeaky jaw, eating raw vegan all day has felt healthy, to say the least. If nothing else, replacing the vast quantities of pasta and vegan chocolate chip cookies with bananas and celery will be a healthy switch, I think!

What do you think about the Medical Medium? 

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This article was originally published on February 12, 2019 and most recently updated on September 25, 2019.


Photo: Jenna Dewan, @healthy_healer via Instagram


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