I Left NYC & Realized How Electromagnetic Pollution Was Hurting Me. How I Detoxed

February 5, 2019

When you hear “electromagnetic pollution” or EMF radiation, what comes into your mind? I’ll be the first to admit that it makes me think “that’s just a bit too woo-woo.” In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that I experienced chronic and acute electromagnetic pollution first-hand, I wouldn’t even believe in it.

In NYC, I used to work in a tight office filled with 2 screens per person, wireless mouses (mice?), all of our cell phones, a wireless printer, and wireless routers for 3 separate Wifi networks in case, God forbid, one went down. Over our heads beamed one of those intense track lighting with a lot of heat. Also there were other electronics like the fridge, the air conditioner, the ice machine, etc etc. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet or just me?

Every single morning I’d walk in with a relatively calm and fresh frame of mind and body. By mid-afternoon, I’d be sapped of energy and zest, and by the end of day I’d practically run out, desperate for fresh air. After spending an entire day like that, I would come home and keep my lights as low as possible—practically dark, to be honest. I even developed a habit of taking showers completely in the dark. Nonetheless, I suffered from fatigue, restlessness, and irritation very easily.

After I left NYC to stay with my parents for a month in Portland, Oregon, the nature to electronics ratio was completely reversed. I noticed that my physical and spiritual well-being were being restored, but didn’t necessarily attribute it to EMF detox. After all, there were a lot of things I was detoxing myself from: air pollution and big-city relationships that no longer served me. So why would it necessarily point to EMF pollution?

It took me an acute EMF exposure to realize what had been sapping my well-being for at least the past 3 years. I had been going on numerous, marvelous hikes around Grenoble, France. Thus far, some 5 or 6 hikes had been fantastic—but the one I chose last was terrible, to say the least. When I came out of the woods, I found myself in a wide open field that was inexplicably buzzing, very loudly. At first I wondered if I’d run into an epidemic of locusts, but no—the sound was coming from electric towers / electric lines, probably ferrying all the power to Grenoble. I had never known electric lines to make a sound, so that was just how high-voltage these were. Not only that, I could feel my skin tingling and my mood turning very dark in an instant. (As it would.)

On my way out of that situation, I even walked up a hill and ran smack into the main electric tower. The smell and the vibrations thereof was unbelievably toxic. My ears felt funny, my skin felt tingly, and overall I was in a state of nausea and ill-ease so bad that I had to take the tram to go to another trail to wash away the bad vibes (literally).

At home, I consulted Mary who gave me some valuable tips on detox tips for EMF exposure. Turns out EMF causes cellular damage, especially to the nervous system, and effects oxidative stress and free radicals. Studies have shown that men carrying cell phones in their pockets are at risk of infertility. Personally I felt like I had aged 10 years after this terrible attempt at hiking.

Here are things you can do to detox yourself from acute and/or chronic electromagnetic pollution.

  1. Take a hot bath with detoxifying add-ons. Raw, sun-dried sea salt, baking soda, and Epsom salt are all great options. You may want to try sea salt (or Epsom salt) and baking soda in 50:50 ratio. Epsom salt has the added advantage of replenishing your magnesium which is lost during stress episodes.
  2. Do a bentonite clay mask. Bentonite clay is known to absorb toxins from the body. You can pour dry clay powder into your bath water, but that would take a lot of clay. Instead, try mixing clay powder and a bit of water in a ceramic bowl to make a wet paste, and slather that all over your body. Then, go into the bath water per usual. Pursoma Digital Detox Bath combines both sea salt and bentonite clay.
  3. Spend time in nature. I’ve found that being in an EMF-free zone, aka the mountains is the best way to restore the body’s natural state.
  4. Crystals. Like all objects, some crystals transmit EMF and others block it. You’ll want to look for hermatite, pyrite, black tourmaline, or shungite. Stay away from quartzs, opal, and other silicate crystals, because silicon is a great semi-conductor of energy. (Hence, Silicon Valley!)
  5. Put your cell phone in airplane mode. Also, take your computer and phone away from your resting spaces. Charging your phone on your nightstand, for example, is going to have EMF beaming into you directly at night. Yikes.

Have you experienced the effects of electromagnetic pollution? How do you deal with it? 



Photo: Peaceful Dumpling; Pursoma


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