Millennial Burnout Is Real—4 Ways To Beat The Phenomenon On Everyone's Lips

February 6, 2019

I recently read a BuzzFeed article about how millennials have become the “burnout generation” — so overwhelmed with adulting that we’ve become unable to do mundane day-to-day tasks like doing the laundry or grocery shopping.

Flashback to last night (and the night before that, and the night before that…) when you finally made it home after a 9-hour work day and a 1.5-hour commute and figuring out what to make for dinner — let alone the thought of having to actually make it — sends you into a tailspin.

Yeah, those simple tasks.

Millennial Burnout Is Real — # Ways To Stay Energized

Often described as lazy and spoiled — millennials *definitely* get a bad rap. A recent survey by the American Psychological Association found millennials to be the most stressed of any generation; and at the top of reasons why? Finances.

Fueled by the notion that degrees equate to better paying jobs (LOL), millennials are also obtaining bachelor’s degrees at higher rates than previous generations, meaning they’re beyond swamped with student loan debt — stifling opportunities of financial success early on.

Ranging between the ages of 22 and 38, millennials are currently either fresh out of college and newly entering the workforce or have been diligently punching in and out of a 9-to-5 for the better part of a decade. In both scenarios, it’s highly likely mega $$$ is not being made. When compared to other generations, millennials are more likely to work longer hours for less pay (let’s not talk about the lack of benefits), forced to juggle a side job or to move back home with parents in order to make ends meet.

Beyond these financial stressors, today’s high-tech digital era allows millennials, now the largest generation in the workplace, to be reachable at all times — especially to work via email and platforms like Slack. This 24/7 culture has left millennials constantly connected, resulting in a poor work-life balance. When combined all together — the rising cost of living, the mounting student loan debt, the working round the clock, the low salaries, the inability to disconnect — it’s no wonder millennials are reaching their breaking points!

Milleniall Burnout Is Real — # Ways To Beat It

While the BuzzFeed article’s author posits millennial burnout isn’t a temporary affliction but an actual condition, there are still simple ways to alleviate these stressors and the heavy burdens “adulting” as a millennial has to offer. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can do just that!

4 Ways To Combat Millennial Burnout When You Literally. Just. Can’t. Even.

Take a break

Whether you need to pump the brakes on your side gig or take a three-month-long sabbatical from your day job, taking a breather can help you declutter your mind and get you on the road to mental, physical, and emotional recovery.

Granted, you might not be in a position financially to take time off work — in that case, make it a point to leave work at work. Those emails can be left to be answered in the morning!

Try a technology detox

Make it a point to sign out and sign off! This can extend past not answering work emails off the clock. After spending 8+ hours each day glued to a computer screen, many return home only to “relax” in front of the TV. Start with a small break — like not sleeping with your phone in your room or deleting the IG app from your phone (you’ll live, trust me) — or try something more daring and refreshing like a 30-day digital detox challenge!

Make self-care a priority

You’ve probably already resolved to make self-care a priority in 2019 — as you’ve likely done every year previously. Do it for real this time!

Here are a handful of self-care activities to help get you started: splurge on a spa day, schedule that therapy appointment, pull out your painting gear, start journaling, read a book, take a cooking class — whatever it is, do what makes you happy! (You deserve it!)

Set boundaries and keep them

Your time is incredibly valuable. Millennials are constantly doing, doing, doing — in the workplace and at home. Saying “yes” to every request that comes your way will also inevitably lead you down the road to burnout. Put your needs first and practice the art of saying no.

What are your favorite ways to combat millennial burnout?

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