7 Cheap, No-Fuss Self-Care Activities Giving Me Life Right Now

August 9, 2018

Self-care has become a booming indrusty and the entreaty to “treat yo self” is a convenient way for companies to market their products—from fuzzy socks at the drugstore to high-end, exotic powders that promise to turn your Monday-morning latte into a superfood. While I am all about treating yourself to the fun goodies that add spice and delight to your day, it’s nice to take a breather from the commercialized side of a practice that can really feed your soul.

7 Inexpensive Self-Care Tips

This weekend, I encourage you to indulge in at least one self-care activity that doesn’t require shelling out for anything more than $20 of stuff (if any $ at all!). Also, unburden yourself from the pressure to share your activity online, unless that really brings you joy, of course. For many of us, turning to social media to document our activities puts social media between ourselves and the thing we were originally enjoying, so unplug to unwind and try any of the following ideas!

7 Self-Care Activities to Try this Weekend that Won’t Break the Bank

  1. Challenge yourself intellectually. When I have some down time—and I also feel like being a couch potato–I make a point of reaching for a book, a habit I’ve used to replace mindless phone scrolling. I feel so much better for this swap that I’ve even deleted the Instagram app from my phone and put Kindle in its place. My mind enjoys a bit of a challenge—something literary, something from another time period, or even something in French (I’m trying to be less rusty…). Try it for yourself, and pick something that will really make you think!
  2. Make something wholesome. A few nights ago, I made blueberry corn muffins. They were neither an ultra-clean detox-worthy snack nor a multi-step raw dessert (though I love both of those things). It was a low-stress process, in other words. And it was worth it! Find a simple recipe and enjoy! Vegan Turmeric, Cardamom & Carrot Muffins (These are next on my list to make!)
  3. Try warm oil massage. We’ve covered warm oil massage or Abhyanga before on Peaceful Dumpling, and it’s a great way to stimulate your circulation, help you relax (or feel energized, depending on your technique), and moisturize your entire body. This activity is especially wonderful if you’ve been feeling anxious and scatterbrained.DIY-coconut-massage-oil
  4. Create a new playlist. Making a playlist on iTunes, Spotify, or your music platform of choice is a mess-free way to get creative and make something that you can enjoy for years to come. Put a new spin on some of your favorite songs by grouping them together in interesting ways or go on the hunt for new songs from favorite artists as well as songs from new artists. My favorite part of creating a new playlist is coming up with a fun title!
  5. Grab your planner and get quoting.  This is something I do whenever I’ve been anxious or feeling a bit lost: I take my planner and use a nice marker or pen to write a few guiding quotes in the margins for the upcoming weeks. Look to Pinterest or your favorite books to find something inspiring.
  6. Do a small creative exercise. With an infant around, I am not up for major DIY projects that require a huge spread of materials—I just don’t have the cognitive bandwidth to deal with that mess! In lieu of getting too Pinterest-y, I’m simply teaching myself brush lettering—you just need a brush pen (or a colorful pack) and a notebook. It’s creative but contained and approachable. There are so many fun-but-not-overwhelming activities that will allow you to get creative without high stakes—adult coloring books, nail art, origami, collages, calligraphy, drawing, journaling…
  7. Move around—but without instruction. While exercise is one of the most obvious outlets for self-care, one of my favorite ways to exercise in a loving way is to do so without instruction! That means no class, no online instruction–just get on your mat, listen to your body, and move how you need to move. Alternatively, go for a walk or run outside with no set destination–just explore!

7 Cheap, No-Fuss Self-Care Activities Giving Me Life Right Now

What are your favorite self-care activities?

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