Why Josie Maran Embraces Pro-Aging--& Urges You To Resist Botox

August 9, 2018

Josie Maran’s organic argan oil was one of my first natural beauty swaps. The rich golden oil was a magic exilic for my then-very-acne-prone complexion, and I still love the stuff. Although I’ve picked up argan oil from various brands since my first bottle, I’ll always credit Josie Maran with introducing me to one of the best multi-tasking ingredients out there.

Natural Beauty Goddess Josie Maran’s Philosophy On Aging Is Like A Warm Embrace

While I definitely recommend checking out her line, today our focus is on Maran’s sunny philosophy about self-care and getting older. If you’re like me, your approach to getting older, at least physically, may vary every day. Some days, I’m totally relaxed about fine lines, gravity, and all of the other words used to scare us into shelling out for yet another miracle moisturizer. The rest of the time, I feel anxious about everything that’s supposed to “go wrong” with my appearance as the years go by, prompting fervent google searches about the state of my dermis and the effectiveness of those LED therapy devices you can hang on the back of your bathroom door. 

It’s times like that when it’s helpful for me to read philosophies like Josie Maran’s. Hopefully, her thoughts on the aging process feel like a breath of fresh air for you, too.

“We don’t ever like saying ‘anti-aging,’” she says of the Josie Maran line, “because why would you be ‘anti’ anything that’s a natural part of life? And metaphysically, being ‘anti’ something actually creates that thing that you don’t want. Tip number one—stay positive.”

“So, pro-aging, or ‘aging gracefully’ is what we say. It’s about embracing who you are and getting better with age.”

Okay, so stay positive and think of yourself as a fine vintage wine getting more exquisite with time? Not a bad way of looking at things!

Natural Beauty Goddess Josie Maran’s Philosophy On Aging Is Like A Warm Embrace

Maran isn’t immune to the pressure to look a certain way, however. The former model noted that she won’t be surprised if she hates a new line on her face, but she’s committed to avoiding botox and focusing on the best part of getting older—knowing yourself and being confident in who you are:

“You can sense a person’s confidence and where they’re at in terms of vulnerability and sensibility. If you’re a conscious person and cool with being who you are, people will find you really beautiful.”

Like her views on aging gracefully, Maran also has a pretty sane outlook on eating well and staying fit. “I just try to eat healthy and live balanced,” she explains. “I don’t cleanse—if you overdo it, your body becomes dependent on it. I’m very in tune with my body, so I can listen to it and know what it’s thinking. Cleansing takes things out of the natural rhythm. You’re always restarting and you get frustrated and you’re like, ‘I’m gaining so much weight.’ So I don’t want to knock cleansing but for me, it’s not necessary. I drink coffee and wine. Live and be full!”

Amen! (Also, am I the only one who does a little happy dance when a wellness guru admits to drinking coffee?)

How do you define “aging gracefully?”

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Photo: Josie Maran via Instagram

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