Manifest Your Desires With This DIY Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman

February 21, 2017

5 Steps To DIY A Life-Changing Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman On a scale of 1-10, how much do you subscribe to the holistic wellness modalities? If 1 is a complete skeptic/agnostic/scientific, and 10 is “I’m burning sage sticks right now as we speak,” I would say I’m 5 or 6. I do think you can often explain your physical and emotional states through chakras; and when I was going through a super tough time at an abusive workplace, I found a protective mudra that felt incredibly healing. But I stop short of “seriously believing” in most things that fall under holistic/spiritual modalities, and I especially feel doubtful any time someone else–psychic medium, tarot reader, astrologer, etc., etc.–tells me something about my life. That is pretty much where I draw the line.

5 Steps To DIY A Life-Changing Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman

Rockstar Shaman, aka Alyson Charles @rockstarshaman

So going into the Rockstar Shaman‘s full moon ritual, focusing on opening your heart chakra, I had zero expectations either way. I went straight from work, so my mind was full of office matters, and if anything, I was just curious to be checking out the William Vale Hotel, where the ritual was being held. But long story short, I was most positively surprised by the answers that were revealed to me! The most amazing thing was that I wasn’t even seeking answers since for once in my life I feel very happy all the time. Nonetheless, I’m going on the record to say that the shamanic ritual “worked,” as much as any kind of ritual can help you gain clarity, radiance, and assurance.

Leading the ritual was The Rockstar Shaman, aka Alyson Charles, a top mystique healer, clairvoyant, and meditation leader who has been named by Oprah as a “Top Meditation to Try.” She has been featured on Marie Claire, Elle, National Geographic, and many more, and consults numerous celebrities and CEOs on the reg. But you don’t have to be a celeb or even live in NYC to experience Charles’s ritual! One thing that really stood out for me throughout the evening was that Charles is a guide, but your own heart provides the answers. Follow these steps at home for this life-changing ritual, and be amazed at the revelations (whether or not you even have questions).

5 Steps To DIY A Life-Changing Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman

Donation-based crystals were on offer before the ritual started.

  1. Create some space and have some supplies ready. This ritual isn’t the kind of thing you can do on your app while riding the subway to work. Give yourself a block of time and some tranquil, preferably dark and low-lit space, and choose a crystal that speaks to you strongly. Based on their colors and meaning, something may jump out at you. For the heart chakra, rose quartz is recommended for loving energy, and aventurine for protecting and healing the heart. Palo santo, a scented wood, can be burned to really create a sacred space. Another great tool is an essential oil mist that relates to the heart chakra, such as ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla. Charles also set the mood with shamanic tribal music from the Amazon, which is readily available on Youtube.
  2. Do a 1-minute meditation. Sit up straight on a cushion or a chair, and do 10 seconds inhale, 10 seconds hold, and 10 seconds exhale. Do 2 sets for a total of 1 minute, resetting yourself from the distractions of the day and allowing yourself to come into a meditative state. After one minute, take a rest.
  3. Intentionally set your vibrations high for a minute. Close your eyes and make up your mind to set your vibrations higher. You will either have visions or words that come into your mind as you purposefully enter this heightened state of clarity and happiness. After one minute, take a rest, reflecting on the message or visions that you received.
  4. Place your left palm over the back of your right hand, with the crystal tucked between the hands. Raise your hands over your head and stay there, eyes closed, for 3 minutes. (Men: opposite hand on top). This Kundalini technique is supposed to make you feel tired and antsy, so don’t give up. Keep breathing, and ask your heart, What is it that you desire? After 3 minutes, rest and reflect on the answer you received.
  5. Finally, the last meditation session can be done lying down. Place the crystal on top of your heart chakra. Close your eyes, and in the most heightened and meditative state, ask your heart, What is it that you have to do to experience what you desire? How will you finally give yourself permission to live that life? As your heart answers, you can continue asking it questions, like entering into a dialogue with yourself.

5 Steps To DIY A Life-Changing Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman

Everyone’s experience with this ritual will be unique; here’s what I experienced. (Might be best to look at my experience after you try the ritual first!)

  • Before starting the ritual, there was a table with an array of crystals to choose from. I’m more of a green person generally, but the rose quartz really spoke to me, so I went with that.
  • I started really feeling different when Charles asked us to consciously raise our vibrations. When I closed my eyes, I immediately saw the view outside my apartment window in the morning, when the sun rises and the sky turns magical shades of pinks and blues. I also saw my cat Zeus chilling in my big, fluffy white bed, and successively, the two men I’ve loved the most in my life. I felt incredibly exhilarated! These images obviously came to me because they are the inexhaustible source of my happiness. Afterwards, when some people volunteered what they experienced, most people heard things such as “You are powerful, don’t you ever forget that,” or “you are enough.”
  • Next, during the Kundalini meditation, my heart answered, “Love.” This was totally unexpected since I’ve been thinking very clearly to myself that this period of non-dating has been incredibly liberating and rejuvenating. I love being able to focus on my work, and my life feels so *full* already that it’s actually a relief not to be bothered by a relationship. So it was très weird that my heart was like “I want love!”
  • The final lying down portion was where I had the craziest experience. First of all, when Charles prompted, “how will you give yourself permission to experience what you want?” My heart said (as in, I seemed to hear it saying): “You will love again.” Which strictly isn’t an answer to the question that was being asked, but I ran with it: “When? Will this happen in 2017?” My heart answered, “Hmm, maybe.” Then I asked, “What about the project I’m working on?” and my heart said, “Yes, that will happen in 2017.” So, one out of two–I’ll take it!! 🙂
5 Steps To DIY A Life-Changing Heart Chakra Ritual By The Rockstar Shaman

My vision


Zeus (l), his brother Ody, big white bed.

After all this was over, I was so exhilarated by the whole experience that I texted “I love you” to my mom on the train ride back home. What I gained was self-knowledge–that yes, I am cerebrally happy not to be bothered by a relationship right now, but in my heart, I am always craving love, both giving and receiving–that’s just the type of animal that I am, tho!

And it was very interesting to hear what my heart thinks will happen in the future. It’s not that we *have to know* the right answers to these questions, and if they don’t come to pass, then the whole thing was a scam. Every passing year I learn afresh that life is a mystery. The only answers we can have, really come from within ourselves. And if a little crystal, palo santo, and deep visualization help to access what’s already in our hearts, then it totally is worth it.

* Rockstar Shaman‘s monthly series keeps going every full moon until June, at the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg.

Have you tried any eye-opening spiritual rituals lately?

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