4 Ways to Start 2017 with Intention and Rock the New Year

December 26, 2016

4 Ways You Can Start 2017 with Intention

I’m not sure about you, but for me, 2016 has been a challenging year filled with struggle, strength, and self-reflection. From quitting one job, moving out of the country, launching a business, moving back to NYC and getting yet another job, it’s been a year of constant movement and figuring out what truly makes me happy. And I’m not even going to mention what’s happened politically…

I completely believe that the emotional work from the past year will channel itself in the direction of a big, bright light at the end of the tunnel (meaning 2017). Below are methods to help you (and me, of course) ring in the new year so that we can fully take advantage of what this year can offer us!

1. Create a Vision Board

4 Ways You Can Start 2017 with Intention


Before the New Year, create a vision board of exactly what you want to bring into your life, and how you want to feel in 2017. Yes, I know you’ve probably over heard the words “vision board” and “manifest” on countless inspirational pages, but there’s reason behind everything! Vision boards give you tangible images to look at and are constant reminders of your yearly intentions.

Pull images from online or magazines and include them on a poster board, picture frame, or even your Pinterest page. Be sure to place the vision board somewhere that you will constantly see–like across your bed or inside your closet. Use any opportunity you can to remind yourself of your vision board, such as placing the images on your cell phone background, computer screen saver, and any other eye-catching locations.

Coming up with a vision board doesn’t necessarily mean all of your dreams will automatically manifest themselves, but it does mean that you’ll look at your goals more frequently and stay focused.

If this is your first introduction to a vision board, watch The Secret, a presentation available on Netflix, to fully grasp the concept of Law of Attraction and how visualization can enhance your life.

“What we think, we become,” so let’s start 2017 with a clear image of what we actually want.

2.  Set Monthly Goals

Instead of one big resolution for the whole year, write one concrete goal for January (and for the rest of the months after that). Think of one theme, and then break down elements of that theme into months. This helps to make that big goal of yours less daunting and actually puts some timely pressure on you to make it happen.

Typical New Year’s Resolutions have been bold statements like: get in shape, go vegan, or run a marathon. These could be turned into tangible January goals such as:

  • Join a new yoga studio or gym
  • Cook three vegan meals a week
  • Sign up and train for a 5K this month

For every consequent month, add on to each goal to push you in the direction of completing your over-arching goal.

3. Cleanse with Sage

4 Ways You Can Start 2017 with Intention

The New Year might be the perfect time for you to cleanse out your energy and get ready for the new calendar transition- and you can do this yourself at home with the lovely little herb, Sage.

Maybe you’ve seen sage in a yoga studio or natural health store, but didn’t really know what people do with that strange looking plant? With an eccentric smell, you’ll typically find sage as a smudge stick with the stems tied tightly to hold the leaves together.

Cleansing with sage (aka sage smudging) is an ancient ritual that Native Americans introduced to the world to help clear their spaces of bad energies. Different sage smudging rituals include burning the sage, wiping your hands through the smoke, walking the sage to different parts of your home, or letting the sage do it’s work by simply sitting and burning.

Note: it’s good to have a window or door open while you’re on your fairy-like sage duties to let air flow.

4. Choose your 2017 Mantra

4 Ways You Can Start 2017 with Intention
Mantras are repeated sounds or words to help aid your concentration in meditation, but they are widely being used as affirmations and ways to bring more positivity into our lives.

Similar to setting an intention for your yoga practice, set an intention for your new year! Try finding a mantra or intention that resonates with you, and let it guide you through 2017.

Wake up, say the mantra. Go to bed, say the mantra. In a stressful situation, say the mantra! You can even write out and frame the mantra to place it on your bedside table…Remember to frequently return your consciousness to your special phrase.

Common mantras you may have heard are “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better” by Laura Silva, or  “Love is the only miracle there is” by Osho. Allow yourself to make up your own mantra or choose one that resonates with you.

You deserve to have the best year ever, and I personally can’t wait for this year to reveal itself. Happy New Year, from one girl who is way too ready to start 2017 to the next!


How do you plan to start the new year with intention?

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