7 Low-Key Healthy Things VS Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

September 24, 2018

Australian model Victoria Lee has graced dozens of runways–including the Victoria Secret fashion show. Like any good “angel,” she knows that radiance begins with a healthy regimen and an effective skincare routine. The following are her savvy tips for boosting her glow and feeling her best. I’m certainly feeling inspired to grab my foam roller (see below!).

1. She hydrates upon waking.

It really depends on what I have going on that day but ideally, I wake up at 6.30am. If I’ve had a busy week or have been traveling, this doesn’t always happen. First thing I do is have a glass of water, then another with a little apple cider vinegar and put the kettle on,” she told Bazaar.

2. Her morning skincare is fuss-free–but packed with natural antioxidants.

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

“I splash some cold water on my face, pat dry and press a few drops of This Works Stress Check Face Oil into my skin.” In some cases, it’s not necessary to wash your face with soap in the morning. In fact, this can lead to over-cleansing, which may trigger dryness in dry skin types and over-oiliness in oilier complexions. If you’re planning to apply foundation, however, it will look best on a clean canvas, so gently cleanse your face and moisturize as needed.

3. She loves her morning workouts.

We all know that regular exercise is key for feeling well–and it’s also a wonderful way to care for your skin, too! Exercise improves circulation and encourages sweating (one of the biggest ways the body naturally detoxifies–cue instant glow! Lee is no stranger to the benefits of working out, of course. “I’m usually out the door by 7.30am. I prefer to exercise in the morning,” she explained. “It sets me up to be more productive during the day and I find I like to just get home and relax later on.”

“I love Body By Simone and will either do a Full Body or a Dance Cardio class, or I’ll see my trainer, Jasmine.”

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

“I always follow up with a good stretch and foam rolling for 10 to 15 minutes to stretch to help my muscles recover and flush out any lactic acid.” Add these tightness-relieving foam roller stretches to your next workout.

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

Lorox Foam Roller

4. Lee swears by supplements–and a good cup of tea!

“I always have a cup of Bushells tea! My Nan sent the tea bags over from home. I take a multivitamin, Vitamin D supplement and a probiotic throughout the day. These keep my immune system strong and healthy to changing time zones, training and busy days.”

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

RMS Beauty Probiotics

5. Lee prefers a gentle skincare routine.

“For my skin, I cleanse using Asap Daily Facial Cleanser. I’ve been using Asap for the last few years and love that it is really effective but also gentle and doesn’t strip the natural oils from my skin. Then, I spray People for Plants Mist Toner and apply my moisturizer. At the moment, I’m using Asap Moisturizing Daily Defense SPF 50+—it’s SPF50+ and the texture isn’t greasy or heavy.”

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

6. In fact, she loves moisturizing.

“I remember watching my Nan slather her skin in moisturizer—she had the most hydrated skin. I think this has influenced me because I love oils, moisturizers, and anything that hydrates,” she told Byrdie. If you love moisturizing as much as Lee, see our picks for vegan, cruelty-free skin-quenching products.

7. When it comes to makeup, Lee keeps it simple and allows her skin to breathe.

7 Things Model Victoria Lee Swears By To Stay Radiant

“Day to day, my approach is the classic less is more. I conceal, use a bronzer and highlighter, a little mascara, and a taupe eyeshadow. The main thing I focus on is keeping my skin healthy—nourishing it from the inside and protecting it on the outside. I drink plenty of water, eat a lot of greens and healthy fats, and get as much sleep as I can.”


What are your favorite skincare practices? 

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Photo: Victoria Lee via Instagram, Respective Brands

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