Crazy Rich Asians Star Constance Wu Reveals How She Stays Fit and Healthy

September 4, 2018

Constance Wu is bringing Asian Americans to the forefront in Hollywood with her starring role in the box office hit, Crazy Rich Asians. Having also starred in ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat, Wu has become a role model for Asian American females, an under-represented group in mainstream media. From insisting that her less than curvy figure does not make her any less of a woman to speaking out against the fetishization of Asians, Wu is a woman after my own heart. Like Wu, I am a first generation Asian American and can relate to many of the battles she has faced to become the self-confident 36-year-old she is now.

Crazy Rich Asians Star, Constance Wu, Reveals How She Stays Fit and Healthy

All you have to do is follow her on Instagram to see that she not only loves her pet bunny and reading, but that she also manages to stay fit and healthy even with a busy schedule. Wu has trained herself to stay in shape in between shoots with her favorite go-to workout–running. “When I’m not working, I run, like, six miles a day.” she revealed in an interview with Health.

It’s easy to understand why Wu has made running part of her lifestyle. Running has multiple benefits to both our physical and mental health. It burns calories, improves cardiovascular health, builds strength and releases hormones that help fight depression. If you’re going to make running a part of your life, it’s important to have the proper foot support. Wu makes sure to replace her running shoes every six months.

Crazy Rich Asians Star, Constance Wu, Reveals How She Stays Fit and Healthy

I particularly love Wu’s philosophy on eating to stay healthy. She believes knowing the difference between eating for pleasure or stress is key. “One piece of chocolate is pleasure. Ten pieces of chocolate is stress,” she says.

So if you’re looking to get leaner, lift your mood, or simply find more balance in your life, try Wu’s go-to workout. Put on your headphones, play your favorite tunes (in Wu’s case, Broadway musicals) and hit the ground running! Also, be sure to check out our tips on running for beginners.


Is running your go-to workout? Let us know in the comments!  

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