How Karlie Kloss’s Facialist Prepped VS Angels’ Skin 5 Mins Before The Catwalk

July 16, 2018

Karlie Kloss’s Facialist Shares Her Best Skincare Advice

Whether she’s prepping Jennifer Anniston of Emma Watson for the red carpet or jetting to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to dunk Karlie Kloss in ice, Facialist Georgia Louise brings a dose of charm and joy to her treatments. Her passion for skincare is evidenced by her eagerness to share her best tips–as well as her line of creative, glam skincare products.

As she explains, her love of skincare began at an early age, “My mum has the most gorgeous skin—she’s one of my role models. She’s always believed in oils. I remember as an 11-year-old, after I brushed my teeth at night, I would sit with her in front of the mirror cleansing and massaging my skin with oil. She got it from her mother—my grandmother was French-Indian, and she was really into her French and Indian styles of cleansing and rituals. On my 14th birthday, I got my first Decléor cleanser, toner, and essential oil, and I was like, ‘That’s it, I’m obsessed.’ As kids, we’re taught how to properly brush our teeth, but really they should do it for skincare as well. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and people look at it as a luxury—they are so wrong. I’m hoping more and more people will protect themselves with the right products and tools.” Preach!

In addition to being #TeamOilCleansing, Louise is adamant about the importance of exfoliation for skin renewal and health. “The biggest mistake people make is not exfoliating away dead skin—if you don’t exfoliate, how are you going to get a product into your skin? I exfoliate every day with my toner and that’s enough. Then, it’s about consistency. You should be exfoliating every day, you should be masking two to three times a week, and you should be using a tool to deliver the actives into your skin.”

Life & Sculpt Butterfly

Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone

Louise embraces the technologically elite gadgets as well as simple wellness goodies, like this rose quartz butterfly that you can use as part of your self-massage routine. (We bet Miranda Kerr would approve.)

The Foreo Luna gently massage skin while exfoliating dead skin cells to improve product absorption without the use of harsh scrubs.

Are Microcurrent Facials (Like NuFACE) A Secret Weapon Against Acne?

Louise is also a part of the NuFace fan club.

Karlie Kloss’s Facialist Shares Her Best Skincare Advice

When it comes to active ingredients, Louise says, “vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are my go-to’s.” Together, these ingredients can brighten and plump just about any skin type. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, meaning that it attracts water (think supple, hydrated complexion) while vitamin C supports collagen while providing antioxidant protection. 

For Louise, topical treatments are just a start: “Everything comes from the gut, so a happy gut is a happy face. Probiotics are great for that.” She also recommends Omega 3 fatty acids (hemp, flax and chia seeds are a great source!) as well as biotin, a necessary nutrient for strong nails and hair. Louise cautions that it’s imporant to be careful with supplements, however.

“You can go totally over the top with supplements,” she says. “You’re better off going to someone who knows you and can tell you what you’re missing. I also tell people to do less dairy and sugar, because it causes inflammation, and to always, always, drink more water.” 

Karlie Kloss’s Facialist Shares Her Best Skincare Advice

Some of Louise’s most high-profile clients include some of the Victoria’s Secret angels who receive her treatments just before their big show.

Louise explains that the “Angel facial” aims to add instant sculpting to the models’ faces and is “all about immediate results…I had to get the girls glowing right before they hit the catwalk…I used the full VIP02 line to restore stressed skin and deliver instant radiance [with] its oxygen-release technology. The funniest moment was getting Karlie Kloss to dunk her head in a bucket of ice with me, minutes before she left for the arena! We were both laughing so much!” Here’s a simple massage you can do to help lift and sculpt your face of VS Angel-worthy results (ice bath optional)!

How Karlie Kloss’s Facialist Prepped VS Angels’ Skin 5 Mins Before The Catwalk

What are your favorite ways to get instant glow?

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