Miranda Kerr Swears *This* Gem Stone Is Essential To Her Skin. Let's Investigate

June 4, 2018

If there’s someone I file under X-Files of beauty, that would be Miranda Kerr. The supermodel, founder of Kora Organics, and mother of two is 35 years old, but she doesn’t look a day older than 25–or maybe 20? Seriously, if you don’t catch her while she’s briefly pregnant and actually showing, it’s hard to know.

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Okay Miranda, spill your secrets!

The beauty has been known for championing a little-known Aussie beauty secret called noni oil, which is packed with antioxidants and 100+ vitamins and minerals including vitamins A & C. But lately, Miranda has been just as vocal about her love of gemstone-infused skincare. And the stone that she uses every day and even infuses into every single products in her Kora Organics line? It’s Rose Quartz.

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When I saw her IG post saying that her products are infused with the “soothing and healing energy of rose quartz” and that “Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians were known to use rose quartz for its beauty and healing benefits, such as clearing the complexion and preventing wrinkles,” I had to take a deep breath. Skincare is a twice-a-day ritual that I really enjoy. It’s a lovely, luxurious, self-loving piece of my busy life, and if a crystal adds some more aesthetic bliss into the mix, I can get with it. But does it really clear blemishes and ward off wrinkles?!

The truth is that there are no scientific studies that prove gemstones are a beneficial active ingredient in skincare. This isn’t just to knock a charmingly off-kilter beauty trend, but if you have real skin concerns (as I do), I wouldn’t suggest you hold a rose quartz to your wrinkles–but try things like my favorite vegan collagen-boosting tips. It’s one thing to use it for meditation or setting a positive-vibes home, but we don’t mess around with skincare at PD! Not on my watch!

If you’re still motivated to incorporate some crystals into your routine, some incredibly effective, organic, non-toxic, cruelty-free and botanically based skincare lines do infuse their products with crystals, or even add the fine granules into the blend.

Organic Crystal-Infused Skincare Products

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Mineral Fusion Skin-Renewing Face Scrub, $14.99

Garnet is the stone of passion, sensuality, beauty, and luxury–oh, my!! I wouldn’t mind some of that in my life. It’s also a relatively soft stone that can be used to gently exfoliate: think microdermabrasion (aka diamond peel), except softer so you can DIY at home. This scrub also boasts sea clay and walnut, plus soothing aloe vera and cucumber (both of which are my absolute fav skincare musts) and antimicrobial lavender.

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Earthwise Beauty Passion Eye Serum, $44

This wildcrafted serum is made of amaranth oil (squalene and linoleic acid) and green coffee oil (for reducing puffiness and dark circles). It smells delightfully of coffee and brown sugar with a touch of passion fruit, which will make you look *and* feel more awake! The serum is infused with lapis lazuli, ruby, and Brazilian clear quartz and then placed in the pristine Pacific NW forest to be charged with cooling, cleansing, detoxifying properties.

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Earthwise Beauty Ruby Oil, $51 or $59 with Rose Barite Gem

I feel a bit sheepish talking about Ruby Oil again but honestly it’s the one product I’ll go crazy if I run out of. It’s made of super sun-correcting oils such as raspberry, buriti, rosehip, primrose oils, and its base of guava is not only noncomedogenic and glow-enhancing, but also smells like paradise. I breakout or get eczema flare-ups if I even look at the wrong kind of oil, and this is the only all-over oil I’ve found that actually calms those things, particularly eczema. The Ruby Oil is charged with ruby and resonates with the Fourth Chakra (the heart). The Rose Barite gem can be purchased with the oil to stoke more feelings of unconditional love and safety–place on your vanity and look upon it every time you use the oil!

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Dr. Hauschka Soothing Intensive Treatment, $95

This organic, non-toxic and cruelty-free treatment repairs and re-balances reactive, stressed, angry skin. The botanical extracts of anthyllis, kalanchoe, and rose hydrosol are some plant ingredients, while the gem ingredient is black tourmaline, which is said to guard against neg vibes and environmental pollutants alike. I mean, the two are sometimes one and the same…

Gemstone-Infused Skincare Is All The Rage. Is It Worth It?

Kora Organics Noni Radiant Eye Oil, $38

This golden oil consists of organic noni, tomato, marine bamboo extracts, kahai, and coffee oils to awaken and brighten the undereyes. The kicker here is the rose quartz roller which I imagine feels very soothing and detoxifying.


To be honest, I’m wondering if a part of the allure of gemstone-infused skincare is the idea of connecting your emotions to your skincare. And emotional connection to how you look on the outside is not just intuitively evident, but also widely acknowledged by even medical experts like dermatologist Doris Day, MD (whose clients include Christie Brinkley and Vanessa Williams, natch). (Her latest book is called Beyond Beautiful: Using the Power of Your Mind and Aesthetic Breakthroughs to Look Naturally Young and Radiant). Using a precious stone for your skincare can only serve to remind you how precious *you* are, too. I think that’s certainly worth a try.


Are you a fan of gemstone-infused skincare? What about in other areas of your life? 

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Photo: Miranda Kerr via Instagram, Respective Brands

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