VS Model Martha Hunt Reveals How She Never Gets Bored With Workouts

August 15, 2017

Victoria’s Secret model and catwalk star Martha Hunt is no stranger to performing under pressure. From traveling around the world for modeling gigs to advocating on Capitol Hill for scoliosis research, Hunt certainly stays busy—and it’s no accident that she manages to keep up with everything *and* stay healthy and grounded.

Model Martha Hunt Reveals How She Maintains Her Svelte Figure & Stays Grounded

Like many of us, Hunt has discovered that life is a little smoother when we’re committed to mindfulness and a wellness routine that nourishes our body and mind. “I do think taking care of yourself, whether it’s an hour of the day at a workout or an hour of the day getting a massage, is very important in your overall well-being,” she said.

Model Martha Hunt Reveals How She Maintains Her Svelte Figure & Stays Grounded

One of Hunt’s favorite ways to take care of herself is through transcendental meditation—a form of mantra meditation that’s taken Hollywood by storm. “Transcendental meditation is your mind’s vehicle to creativity—emptiness to whatever you want your mind to go to. It’s basically freedom for your mind. It helps to clear out all the BS in life.” In transcendental meditation, a practitioner works with an instructor to develop a customized mantra that doesn’t have a particular meaning associated with the sounds, allowing the practitioner to find mental quietude when the mantra is repeated.

In addition to practicing meditation, Hunt maintains a lively fitness routine that incorporates Body by Simone, hiking, swimming, and strength training. Recently, she practices more Yin yoga, a restorative form of yoga, to help balance her strength training. When she’s not training for the Victoria’s Secret show, she works out three times a week, making sure not to overdo it or get stuck in a workout rut.

“I think you just have to figure out what’s best for your body,” she explains. “For me, I find the best results when I mix it up. And you keep challenging your body and tricking it. Otherwise, it gets used to the same routine, and you don’t feel like you’re seeing changes as quickly.”

One way that Hunt keeps her workouts fun is by doing them with friends—in her case, it’s her V.S. Angels cohort that keeps her motivated during training: “It’s very crucial for us to be there for one another. I love working out with the girls, I prefer to work out with them rather than by myself. They motivate me more and it’s just more fun. It gets your mind off the pain when you have all of your girlfriends with you,” she told Elle Canada.


Whatever wellness and fitness routine you develop, the important thing is to embrace your own distinct beauty—

“We all have insecurities. Don’t focus on them,” Martha Hunt said. “Your self-worth has nothing to do with your body. All female bodies are beautiful and unique. Your mind is more powerful than your body, so never stop working on that.”

Have you tried transcendental meditation or Yin yoga? What are your favorite wellness rituals?

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Photo: Martha Hunt via Instagram

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