5 BOSU Ball Exercises Karlie Kloss Swears By To Stay Toned & Lean (Video)

September 25, 2018

This tutorial previously appeared on July 24, 2017.

Supermodels Jasmine Tookes and Karlie Kloss have been seen working out at the New York City-based fitness studio, Dogpound. Dogpound is famous for attracting Victoria Secret models, among other celebrities, who want to get their bods into the best shape possible. Founder of the Dogpound, Kirk Meyers, has been posting videos of clients like Tookes working out on the BOSU Balance Trainer on his Instagram. It’s a half dome exercise tool that creates instability when your weight is on it to strengthen your core and make exercises more challenging. The BOSU Ball is a portable piece of equipment that you can get an amazing full body workout on. I frequently use it in on my own private clients, and they love the challenge! Here is a full body strengthening and toning BOSU Ball workout that will get you into Supermodel shape.

1. Cardio Jumps– Get your heart rate up while warming up the legs and glutes. Start with your right foot on the ground and the left on top of the BOSU Ball. Squat down with your hands in front of your chest. Keeping your core engaged, push off the left leg to jump up into the air and switch sides. Land right foot first on top of the BOSU Ball and then left foot on the ground in your squat position on the other side. Continue jumping and alternating sides for 1 minute.

2. Toe Taps– Jasmine Tookes did this exact move to strengthen her core and glutes! Flip your BOSU upside down so that the platform side is up. Place your right foot in the center of the platform and carefully stand up, balancing on one leg. Squat down on the right leg as you tap your left hand to the right foot. Stand up and extend your left leg forward as you tap your right hand to the left leg. Do 15-20 reps on each side.

3. Burpees– Strengthen your upper body and core with BOSU Ball burpees. Keep your BOSU flipped upside down and stand behind it with your feet shoulder distance apart. Squat down, placing your hands on either side of the platform. Kick your legs out and do one pushup. Jump your legs back in and stand up as you pick the BOSU up and extend your arms over your head. Bring the BOSU Ball back down the ground and repeat the sequence. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

4. Back Extensions– With the BOSU Ball right side up on the ground, lie face down with the dome just below your chest. Straighten your legs and flex your toes on the ground to support your body. Round your upper back over the ball with your hands clasped behind your head. Squeeze your glutes and pull your abs in as you lift your head and chest up off the dome as high as you can for the back extension. Squeeze your back muscles and hold for 2 seconds before lowering back down. Do 15 reps.

5. Ab Leg Stretches– Lie on the BOSU Ball with your lower back on top of the dome. Balance with your legs at a tabletop position, your head and shoulders curled up and arms reaching forward. Alternate straightening one leg out at a time while keeping your body balanced on top of the BOSU Ball. Keep your abs scooped in as this one is all about core control. Go at a quick pace to complete 20 leg stretches on each side.


Have you ever worked out on a BOSU Balance Trainer? How do you like it?

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Photo: Karlie Kloss via Instagram; Video: Crystal Chin

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