How The Sakara Diet Helps Lily Aldridge Train For The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

June 13, 2017

When it’s time for Lily Aldridge to “train like an angel” for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, the model doesn’t shy away from revamping her diet. Refreshingly, she doesn’t practice calorie restriction. Rather, she fuels her body with a plant-based diet developed by vegetarian meal delivery service Sakara (Sakara avoids the use of animal products, except for honey in some dishes; Sakara meals can be ordered 100% vegan upon request, however).

Sakara prides itself on providing clients with carefully prepared meals using only whole foods. Sakara’s aim is to help its clients focus on quality nutrition rather than calorie count. For those of us already familiar with the weight loss benefits of a plant-based diet, the results people experience through Sakara aren’t surprising. As the founders explain, “our clients report results ranging from the physical (boosted metabolism, balanced hormones, flatter tummy, clearer, brighter skin) to the mental (increased energy, better focus, banished cravings) to the spiritual (peace and comfort in knowing that you are being taken care of).”

Despite being made with only whole foods, the meals are designed to be as convenient as possible, requiring zero prep once they arrive at your door (i.e., they’re not a meal kit). They can even be enjoyed cold—no heating required. A sample menu may include toasted coconut granola with goddess milk or strawberry shortcake with rose coconut cream for breakfast; cobb salad or soba noodle bowl for lunch; and red beet burger or green caesar salad with polenta croutons for dinner (all free of meat and dairy, of course).

How Sakara Helps Lily Aldridge Train For The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

“It makes eating healthy so easy,” Aldridge says. “I’m constantly on the go, working, traveling, being a mom! It’s so nice to have Sakara during my busiest moments to keep me feeling strong! So thankful for it!” The model loves it so much that she teamed up with the service to create her own week-long meal plan, which was available for a limited time last December. Other models have also hopped aboard the Sakara life—including Erin Heatherton, Chrissy Teigen, Karolina Kurkova, and Hilary Rhoda.

How Sakara Helps Lily Aldridge Train For The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

While the Sakara meals look stunning and delicious, they’re not accessible for everyone. For example, a five-day meal subscription plan costs $84 a day, which isn’t something most of us could financially sustain. The good news is that eating whole foods can be rather financially accessible—and we can all take cues from Sakara’s nutrition philosophy.

Sakara focuses on leafy greens and fresh produce to hydrate and support the body’s natural detoxification system, balanced macronutrients to support healthy weight, healthy plant fats and protein to boost metabolism and support healthy energy levels, plant fiber and fermented foods to keep your digestive tract in tip-top shape, and alkalinizing, mineral-rich ingredients that support glowing skin and strong hair and nails. Sounds like a well-rounded vegan diet to me!

Fortunately, plant-based meals meeting these criteria don’t have to require obscure or expensive ingredients. Sure, there’s more prep involved if you want to save $$$ and skip the convenience of pre-prepared meals, but you’ll likely find that taking the time to put together your own meals makes you feel “taken care of,” just like the founders of Sakara say of their service. Need inspiration? Check out our Detox recipes—they’re overflowing with healthy vegan ingredients, and they won’t break the bank!

Need further evidence? Feast your eyes on this Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl. You can totally make this!

Vegan Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl With Fresh Berries

Have you ever tried a meal delivery service like Sakara?

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Photo: Lily Aldridge via Instagram, Sakara, Lauren Kirchmaier

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