We Are *So* Turned On By These Sensual Vegan Sex Life Must-Haves

November 30, 2017

So you’ve cut out meat, eschewed dairy and eggs, and donated all your leather and fur-bearing garments to charity. Perhaps you’ve sought out a tattoo artist who uses vegan ink. Maybe you’ve even taken to ensuring your wine isn’t fined with isinglass (fish bladder protein). Ready to take your veganism to the next level?

An important (yet often overlooked) aspect of a cruelty-free lifestyle is one’s sex life. You might be wondering how sex could possibly affect animal welfare; it turns out that many popular brands that sell condoms, lubricants, and the like contain animal byproducts such as casein, a milk protein. Many of these companies also test their products on animals (ew). There’s also lingerie and bedding to consider: bras and undies often feature silk and leather, and comforters, marketed as luxurious and cozy, are commonly filled with down.

Thankfully, veganizing your sex life is easier than ever before. With the following products, you can feel sexy and compassionate at the same time!

Vegan Condoms and Lubricants

Glyde is a 100% vegan company that make condoms, personal lubricants, and dams. In addition to being animal-friendly, the company is committed to safe and ethical production methods. According to their website, “Our ingredients are sourced from wworker-ownedand operated producers with fair trade and labor practices, including providing fair and equal pay for men and women.” Also, check out their adorable (and discreet) condom case in vegan leather!

There’s something particularly off-putting by the rubbery smell of some lubricants–talk about killing the mood! Enter Good Clean Love: their lubes are mostly organic, paraben-free, vegan. and they smell amazing (think cinnamon vanilla).

Vegan Aphrodisiacs

When you need a little boost in the bedroom, natural aphrodisiacs will most certainly do the trick. Good Clean Love offers a variety of aphrodisiac oils that stimulate the arousal mechanism in the brain through scent. Their offerings include tantalizing scents like Caribbean Rose and Indian Spice, and they are made with organic and wildcrafted oils whenever possible.

If oil isn’t your thing, try a few squares of dark chocolate! Most dark chocolate is naturally vegan (but make sure to check the ingredients just in case), and it has been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure. Either stock up at your supermarket, or try our Double Chocolate Chip Truffles for a special homemade touch.

Vegan Bedding

When I think of sexy and seductive bedding, I tend to imagine silky sheets, wool throws, and fluffy down comforters. Unfortunately, none of these are vegan. Fortunately, many companies are working to redefine sexy with ethical options. For example, these satin pillowcases are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and machine washable.

Transform date night with Ettitude’s bamboo lyocell sheet set, which looks and feels like silk, minus the cruelty. And if you’re in the mood for cuddles with your honey, check out their cozy organic bamboo duvets.

Vegan Lingerie

If you’re in the market for some new undergarments, why not treat yourself to something on the sexier side? Vegan brand Delikate Rayne has you covered with their black satin slip, featuring crisscross straps and a low back. For something a bit more affordable, check out PACT’s organic cotton bralettes and undies.

Have you veganized your sex life? What essentials would you add to this list?

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Photo: Good Clean Love; Good Clean Love; Olivia Parr; Ettitude; PACT

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