Hair Accessories Are Totally A Thing (Again!). 5 Sustainable Picks To Glam You Up

October 26, 2017

When I was in junior high and high school, I spent an hour each morning with my hair straightener, willing it to permanently flatten my unruly locks. Sure, I was burning my hair to a crisp, but I didn’t care: this was the only hair style I knew and loved. I’ve come a long way since then (ditto in terms of clothing…yikes), and nowadays I embrace my wavy hair and am excited to try out fun hair accessories that bring my look to a whole other level.

The thing is, it’s hard to find flattering hair accessories that are also vegan, sustainable, and responsibly made. Talk about a tall order! If you’re in the same predicament, good news: I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve scoured the web for the best and most eco-friendly hair accessories out there.

The Neckerchief by Filbert, $35

Okay, so this one is sort of a misnomer, but who doesn’t love a versatile accessory? While you can wear this scarf around your neck or tied to a handbag, we’re partial to it used as a hair accessory, as shown above. Wrap it around your ponytail or tied atop your head à la Rosie the Riveter and you’re ready to rock your day. Made in Portland, OR and 100% vegan!

Braided Headband by Nautically Inspired, $14

I’ve always loved the idea of headbands, but there’s never been a style that worked for me. Enter Nautically Inspired: handmade fabric headbands that are both flattering and functional. This company offers many different looks and color options, so you’ll certainly find something that works for you. I love that the fabric is stretchy because it ensures that you won’t have to readjust during the day.

Soka Bud by SAYA Designs, $36

I recently had the opportunity to try a hair stick from SAYA Designs, a company dedicated to sustainability and preservation. Handmade by Balinese artisans, each hair stick is made from salvaged root wood, a material that is often regarded as waste material and left to decompose–a process that takes hundreds of years and has little benefit for the surrounding soil. According to SAYA, “By using this waste material we are having as little impact on the environment as possible.” The best part? For every hair stick purchased, SAYA will plant up to four trees!

I chose the Soka Bud in recycled tamarind root, which is best for long and thick hair like mine. SAYA offers several style tutorials for all types of hair on their website; I tried the plaited bun in this picture and it held all day. If you want to look elegant without spending hours in front of the mirror, SAYA’s hair sticks are for you.

ESNO Classic Headband by Kooshoo, $25

Made from tencel and organic cotton, this headband is so soft and eco-friendly. I see myself wearing it during yoga or the gym, running errands around town, or lounging around the house. So basically, all the time. Who says you can’t look cute while looking comfy?!

Buffalo Plaid Headband by Jerseymaid, $28

Anything in plaid screams “fall” to me, and this headband is no exception. Made from 100% cotton in the U.S., you can feel good about what you’re wearing. So button up your flannel and throw on this headband for an effortless fall-ready look 🙂

Are you hankering for any of these hair accessories? What’s your favorite kind–hair band, scarf, tiara?! 😉 

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Photo: FilbertNautically InspiredSAYA; Molly Lansdowne; Kooshoo; Petit Vour


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