Make These 4 Festive Vegan Main Dishes Around Christmas & Wow Your Loved Ones

November 30, 2022

Christmas is fast approaching and there’s a lot to think about before the big day. With presents, cards and food to consider, it can be overwhelming to get everything prepared in time. If you’re looking for a fun vegan meal to make on or around Christmas, here are four festive vegan meals that would be perfect to make for yourself and your loved ones.

Mushroom or Beet Wellington

A classic wellington often consists of meat wrapped with herbs and pastry. Why not swap out the meat for something like mushrooms or beets for a fabulous vegan alternative? A vegan wellington usually only takes about an hour to prepare and would be perfect to combine with traditional Christmas side dishes such as potatoes, stuffing and vegetables. This type of meal would be perfect for lunch or dinner and could be created as a Yule log to share with others—or kept as an individual dish for one person.

Festive Wreath

A festive wreath is a great dish to share with family and friends and it can be incredibly healthy too! Taking about an hour and a half to make, a festive wreath consists of a long sheet of pastry filled up with ingredients like tofu, cranberries, herbs, and spinach. Once you have all the ingredients together, place them inside the pastry and wrap them up, making sure to fold the ends of the pastry. You then pull both ends towards you to create a classic wreath shape.

This is a dish that’s perfect for your big Christmas meal and would look incredible as one of the core dishes on the table. It can usually feed up to 6 people and it can easily be made gluten-free as well as vegan just by swapping out the pastry.

Vegan Broccoli & Cheese Crescent Roll

Vegan Broccoli & Cheese Crescent Roll

Nut Roast

A Nut Roast is a classic British Sunday dinner that translates perfectly as a traditional Christmas meal. It’s similar in shape and concept to a vegan “meat” loaf. The core element of the nut roast can easily be made by yourself, and it doesn’t take long to create. Often containing ingredients like nuts, stuffing and vegetables, a nut roast can be created well in advance of your meal and won’t be cumbersome to transport if needed. This dish could be perfect if you’re bringing food to a big family dinner. A nut roast is easy to share, and it’s a great addition to a large traditional Christmas meal.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Lentil Meatloaf w/ Caramelized Onions

Vegan Meat Loaf

Puff Pastry Tart

A puff pastry tart is an easy meal that is adaptable and often works well for any occasion. It can be incredibly fast to make and could be a great option if you’re running out of time or were unable to get ingredients for another meal. This meal can easily feed the whole family and can work well as part of a larger traditional meal. The puff pastry could have a multitude of festive toppings and fillings and it would go well with traditional condiments like apple and mint sauce.

Vegan Rustic Red Pepper Tarte Tatin

Roasted Red Pepper Tarte Tatin


What do you think? Do you plan to make any of these vegan Christmas meals or do you already have your festive food planned out? We hope these options have given you some inspiration for what to make on Christmas Day. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Photo: Unsplash; Lauren Sacerdote; Kathryn Farrugia; Quincy Malesovas

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