Fail-Proof Tips for Making the Best Juice Blends

December 1, 2022

Blended vegetable drinks are an excellent way to improve health with their raw, whole vitamins and enzymes. But the plethora of smoothie recipes available can quickly become overwhelming. So many drink recipes exist that call for extensive amounts of ingredients, many of which require real effort to find.

Want to start somewhere simple?

If you simplify the process and begin by blending one veggie and one fruit you can be well on your way to creating simple yet tasty juice blends, one that’s not merely digestible but truly delectable.

Here is a how-to guide that will never fail: Pick a few items from the very needed–although hard to digest in large quantity–vegetables, then add the yummy-to-eat-in-any-quantity fruits.

A good basic beginners’ rule of thumb is to use 1:2 ratio: about half a cup from any member of the first group and add a cup from the second group.

Mix with some ice, plain water, or for added nutrition, add coconut or almond milk. Any shake can be made more interesting with some added nuts or seeds, but for a simple basic shake that packs fresh nutrition and is very easy to create, mix one veggie from group (A) one fruit from group (B) add water and blend. You can experiment and layer on flavors and ingredients as you progress.

Fail Proof Ways to Make the Best Juice Blends

Below you’ll find some very healthy additions that should definitely be used in moderation.

Group (A) – The Vegetables

Broccoli- chock-full of   vitamin C and high in potassium, great for eye health, also helps the nervous system.

Tends to quickly turn a smoothie bitter- limit to just 1/2 a cup if want to keep your drink palatable and non-gritty.

Celery– Full of Vitamins B and C helps as a diuretic, helps as a tonic. The outer portion is covered in a protective layer called psoralens. It can hard to digest especially in large amounts. While it’s important to include it, just be careful to not overdue it. It can quickly overtake a beverage.

Cabbage– has anti-inflammatory properties, rich in vitamins A and C. Is great for a weight loss regime and is packed full of dietary fiber. Pairing this hardy nutritional winner with a fresh juicy fruit will give you a drink that fills you up- a powerhouse of nutrition.

Kale– A great anti- inflammatory food vitamin a and c. Kale is filled with powerful antioxidants, high in calcium. A robust flavor that is wonderful in moderation, raspberries pair beautifully with this borecole.

Broccoli, celery, cabbage, and kale are only four examples of a huge array of nourishing vegetables. Choose one, any one. Just remember to make sure they are fresh, clean, and used in smaller proportion than their fruit counterpoints.

Group (B) – The Fruits

Use in large proportions, group (B), any of these bright juicy fruits will take a healthful shake and make it delicious.

Strawberries– Help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. They are bursting with sweetness and with a tinge of tartness, will add a burst of flavor instantaneously to any beverage.

Raspberries–potassium- rich, help in maintaining blood pressure, assist in maintaining healthy bones, even help to remedy symptoms of arthritis. Snappy and zesty, buy at maturity and use immediately, their fresh flavor will make your next veggie smoothie mouthwatering.

Pineapple– Full of vitamin A and rich in potassium helps in maintaining normal blood pressure, boosts immunity. It can be so sweet that it can really cut out even the sharpest of vegetable tastes. Use in moderation- of all the listed fruits- this one can overwhelm the flavor of a beverage in a dash.

Orange– helps to prevent kidney disease and lowers cholesterol, high in vitamin C, great for prevention of disease. The flavor can range from very subtle to very tangy. Try a small piece before adding to be sure of the degree of flavor you’ll be adding.

Fruits all are amazing, nutrimental, and mouthwatering powerhouses. They are the perfect counterpoints to the equally nutritious but sharper and more astringent vegetables. Combining the two in correct proportion creates the perfect beverage.

Remember to check all of your ingredients. Make sure everything is fresh, nothing can eradicate the quality of a shake more than slightly stale ingredients. Next, check your equipment to make sure everything is clean. Finally, pick a vegetable and double up on your chosen fruit. Y our next smoothie will not merely be palatable, but truly delectable.

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Photo: Alexandra Kudukis

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