Finding The Perfect Vegan Life Coach Changed My Life. Here's Why I Recommend It

March 2, 2023

Sometimes life events are overwhelming and we can let ourselves go. Without even realizing it, we wake up one morning noticing that our lifestyle has drastically changed. Indeed, we don’t have any more time for things we love, we feel a little lost and, we leave our healthy habits. Life coaching can be a real game changer to go back to a happy life.

What I learned from my Vegan Life Coach

Finding the perfect coach for you.

Once you’ve realized that you need help, it is really important to find the right coach for you. Indeed, some of us will need a coach to help them exercise, others will prefer a spiritual coach. Personally, I needed a holistic coach. I was struggling with having a healthy lifestyle, finding time for myself and, motivation. I needed someone who could help me in every area of my life.

When I was ready to receive what the Universe has prepared for me, I met @fitvegan_dad on Instagram. His name is Christos and he is an international vegan life coach based in Malta.

Why did I instantly know he was the perfect coach for me?

I knew that I needed a coach who can understand me, my needs and, my values. Christos is a vegan who fights for animal liberation so I knew that he was sharing my deep values. The Universe put him on my road for a good reason. I discovered a beautiful person who is invested in what he does for humans and non-human beings. Indeed, as activism for animals is a huge part of my life, I strongly needed to share this great coaching adventure with someone who is on the same page.
Also, as an extremely shy person, I was willing to find someone patient and calm. This doesn’t mean that I wanted someone who could comfort me in my fears and laziness. On the contrary: I was willing to evolve and change my life without being aggressively told what my problem was.
Some people need a coach only to know what to eat and when to exercise. It was not my case. I needed to be understood, I needed patience and kindness. Only one call with Christos made me understand that our journey together was about to begin with empathy. He made me go out of my comfort zone with calm and good vibes.

Learning the basics again, with empathy.

What I needed the most was to reverse my mood to feel powerful again. To do that, I had to take action. I didn’t know where to begin and Christos appeared and send me a detailed plan, like a map to rebuild myself. Every step that had to be taken was clearly explained. I couldn’t fail.

The amazing support I received made me realize a lot of things. First, I didn’t want to fail myself again. Also, Christos is so involved with the people he coaches that I couldn’t fail him. It was a link of kindness and trust.


Oat blueberries bananas bowl by @fitvegan_dad

To begin, we had a call so I could express myself and my needs. I received a detailed meal plan with recipe ideas and ways to modify it if needed. I am not a chef at all and Christos elaborated my meal plan to be 100% adapted for me. In addition, he created for me a personalized workout plan with alternative exercises if needed. He knew that being too hard on me would have destroyed me and he made everything so I was not feeling discouraged.

Being part of a Tribe to build a new life.

Something that helped me a lot is the Tribe Christos built for us. He created this beautiful Telegram group with all the people who are part of his coaching. In this group called the Fit Vegan Dad Tribe, we receive motivational advice and good vibes every day (yes, even during the weekend! Isn’t that amazing ?).

I was desperately in need of new challenges to boost me and make me feel alive again. That’s exactly what Christos created: a challenging coaching entirely personalized for every one of us.

Also, he had this amazing idea of creating group challenges. This powerful tool helped me find the strength within me to fight for myself by being supported by amazing people. Indeed, I was creating the life I wanted and meeting amazing people from all around the world.

When consistency saves you!

One of the most important things to becoming the person you want to be is consistency. We all dream of a very disciplined lifestyle without failures. But, where to begin? How to be consistent?


Plank Challenge by @fitvegan_dad

Christos sent me a document called “the consistency autopilot.” This wonderful tool changed my daily habits, helped me track my mood and build new healthy rituals. Indeed, it is a list of things you have to do every day to stay on the right path. For example, you know that you have to drink about two liters of water every day or do ten thousand steps. The basis of what you need to do every day is written in your consistency tracking.

He checked on me every week to be sure I was doing everything I needed to feel well. Some weeks have been so busy that I was not able to be consistent. Christos then tried to find solutions, he helped me prioritize my life.

Now, I keep this amazing tool in a notebook. Christos teaches me how to be consistent and responsible for my habits by myself. I can maintain my healthy lifestyle, I feel alive again and I met amazing people thanks to the Fit Vegan Dad Tribe. The benefits are priceless and the gratitude is infinite.

Now, you know everything about how to find the perfect coach for you. For my part, I want to say a huge thank you to Christos Fit Vegan Dad for having been mine and making me feel reborn!

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Photo: fitvegan_dad via Instagram

Victoria R
Victoria is an Animal Rights activist, she dedicates herself to speaking for the Animals. Passionate about literature, she has been writing short stories and poems for years. You can find her on Instagram @vanille.fortheanimals.


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