These Low-Impact Pilates Moves Are All You Need To Target and Tone Inner Thighs (Video)

October 21, 2019

Target & Tone Inner Thigh WorkoutWhen working out our lower body, we can’t forget our inner thighs. Our adductors may be a smaller muscle group compared to our quads or glutes, but they play a big role in balancing our body. Inner thigh strength directly affects the function of our core muscles, pelvis, and knees. Strong and toned inner thighs will also give your legs an overall leaner look. Doing the following exercises will not only target your inner thighs, but they’ll also recruit your core and glute strength for a tighter, more defined lower body and reduced risk of injuries.

Single Leg Shoulder Bridge– Lie down on the ground and bend your legs, inner thighs squeezing together and feet flat on the floor. With abs pulled in, squeeze your glutes to lift your hips up into the air. Without changing the height of your hips, do 20 inner thigh pulses. When you’re done with those, straighten your right leg while keeping your inner thighs together. Keep your left leg still as you move your right leg away from your left knee several inches and then bring it back in. Do this 10 times before switching legs. Lower your hips back down to the ground, rest for a minute and do another set.

Plié Squat- Stand with your legs turned out and slightly wider than shoulder distance apart. Place your hands on your hips. Squat down, making sure your knees stay in line with your heels. Squeeze your inner thighs as you straighten your legs. Do 10 regular plié squats. Hold your last squat and do 10 little pulses up and down. For an extra challenge, perform the pulses with your heels lifted. Straighten your legs to come back up. Do 3 sets.

Pilates Side Lunge– Stand with your legs turned out, heels together, toes apart and arms straight out to your sides at shoulder height. Take a big step out to your right and lunge down, placing all your weight on your right foot. Lower your hands to the ground as you lunge. Make sure you keep your weight on your heel and drop your butt back and down. Push off your right foot and squeeze your inner thighs together like magnets to come back up. Repeat on the left side to complete 1 rep. Do 3 sets of 10.

Split Beats– Lie on your back with your legs straight up in the air turned out. Use your abs to curl your head neck and shoulders off the ground, placing your hands behind your head for support. Open your legs to a wide straddle split with pointed toes. Squeeze your inner thighs to bring your legs back up and flex your feet to perform two beats. Cross your legs right over left for one beat and then left over right for the second beat. Point your toes and allow your legs to fall back down into the straddle split for your second rep. Do 2 sets of 15.

Inner Thigh Ball Squeeze– You may do this exercise either freestanding or holding onto a countertop or chair for more support. Stand with your legs hip distance apart in parallel. Place a soft ball (or pillow if you don’t have a ball) between your inner thighs just above your knees. Place your hands on your hips if you are freestanding and keep your abs pulled in tight. Bend your knees slightly and lift your heels off the ground, balancing on the balls of your feet. Squeeze the ball with your inner thighs. Without changing your posture, straighten your legs an inch to rise up and then come back down. Do this small but effective movement 20 times. Do 2 sets.

If strong, lean and toned inner thighs are what you’re after, this workout will get you there!

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Video: Crystal Chin

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