Reader Giveaway: "Spring Forward" for Mind + Body

April 8, 2015

Reader Giveaway: "Spring Forward" for Mind + Body

It’s time for another Reader Giveaway! I get really excited for giveaways because to be honest, readers mean thiiis much [stretches arms wide] to the PD team. It might be cheesy but we really think of readers, writers and editors as a family. We wouldn’t be here without your loyal support.

Because of that I put together giveaway prizes that I’d like to get myself. This “Spring Forward” Giveaway contains some of the things that I’m loving now, and are wonderful for a fresh start for your spring.
Reader Giveaway: "Spring Forward" for Mind + BodyFrom top left, clockwise:

Fire Cider: This is unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar flavored with fruits, habanero pepper, lemon, ginger, turmeric, and honey*. I received one as a sample a few weeks back and have been taking it as a tonic ever since, whenever I need a boost of energy. It reduces the appetite when you have the munches, and is a great pick-me-up before a workout. The combination of ACV and spices make it a great digestive aid and immune support. It comes with its own little shot glass. ($14)

Paddywax Vanilla and Oakmoss Soy Candle: I can’t get enough of soy candles (can anyone??) and this lovely vanilla-scented one from Paddywax (handpoured in USA) is a recent favorite. Light it whenever you need to relax, to read your favorite book, take a bath, or do a yoga session at home. Bonus: when you’re done with the candle, rinse and re-use the jar to hold your lipsticks! ($10)

Kusmi Tea in Boost: I love everything about Kusmi Tea from its pretty tin packaging to its heavenly tea blend. You’ll love this luxurious blend of green tea, mate, cinnamon and ginger–lightly spicy and sweet and a perfect afternoon boost. ($20.90)

Madecasse Salted Almond Dark Chocolate: Fairtrade vegan dark chocolate made in Madagascar, which helps grow the local economy. ($5.99)

Hugger Mugger Batik Mat Bag: Are you always carrying around your yoga mat and fearing it will unfurl while you’re walking down the street? (I am.) Hold your mat nice and secure in this pretty batik-patterned mat bag from Hugger Mugger.  ($34.95)

Retail value: $86

To enter: Go to our Facebook page, Like the page, and find this giveaway photo at the top of the page. And leave us a comment! Here are some suggestions.

1) Say hello to our writers and editors, let us know if you liked any articles recently, etc. (It is so appreciated, you have no idea!)

2) Do you have a friend who would love PD? @yourfriendsname so s/he can check out Peaceful Dumpling 🙂

3) What you think about the prizes.

The contest lasts until Tuesday, April 14 at midnight EST. We will randomly select the winner and contact you via Facebook. Thank you for your support! 🙂

*Honey: I eat honey because to disown honey is to disown honeybees, and honeybees are responsible for something like 90% of food crops out there. I wouldn’t give up peanut butter or all fruits and veggies because bees are involved. See more about this issue on this honeybee article.

Juhea is the founder and editor of Peaceful Dumpling and the author of bestselling novel Beasts of a Little Land. Follow Juhea on Instagram @peacefuldumpling, @juhea_writes and Pinterest.


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