What 10 PD Editors Are Choosing For New Year's Resolutions In 2020

December 30, 2019

Working with our talented Peaceful Dumpling team is one of the best perks of my/our job. We are a surprisingly diverse bunch 😛 but united by our passion for changing the world—and changing ourselves for the better, too. This is an around-the-year hobby for all of us, but we get pretty excited to set new goals in January. Without further ado, here are our New Year’s resolutions for 2020!

Mary Luttrell, creative director

This year, one thing I want to strive for is creating a habit of reflecting on the ways that I’ve grown. Ideas for self-improvement come naturally to me, but I rarely acknowledge how far I’ve come, how my mind and heart have expanded. I’m realizing it’s important to have gratitude for our efforts and where we currently are in our journey.

Lindsey Blakley, contributing editor


2020 will be a year of extreme change and growth for me. I am due to have my first baby in two weeks, so 2020 will be all about my steps into motherhood. My resolution is all about him and being the best mother I can be for him. Remembering to stay patient and open-minded as he grows up, to allow him to grow into the person he is meant to be. Being that beacon of light and guidance when he needs it most, and above all, teaching him to love and be loved in return. Teaching him to love and accept all forms of life, whether they be human, animal or plant, and allowing this love to also reach him in abundance.

Kat Kennedy, news editor

Kat Kennedy
Back in 2017, I curated a year of monthly challenges for myself and it transformed me in numerous ways. Fast forward to 2020 and I’m realizing that the path to authenticity and self-discovery is not only never-ending, but can also be enjoyable when I relax and embrace the learning process. While there are many ways I’d like to continue to grow and personal achievements I’d like to see come to fruition in 2020, my “resolutions,” if we’re going to call them that, are more general. Firstly, I’m prioritizing speaking my truth both in the workplace and in my relationships. Secondly, I’m practicing being a better student and being more comfortable with trying new things, knowing that I won’t be an expert straight away. I get frustrated when new skills feel hard and unnatural, so I’ll spend 2020 chipping away at accepting that as a reality in life because we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Anna Vaccari, contributing editor

Anna Vaccari
I am going to try and be more positive, as I sometimes tend to get down quite easily. Our mind is such a powerful tool and I believe if we try and “exercise” it we can alter our mood and our health, for the better.
I would also like to dedicate more time to writing.

Nea Pantry, contributing editor

One of my resolutions for 2020 is to push myself more in social situations. To make more of an effort with people instead of isolating myself. I will be moving to Toronto in January where I don’t know a lot of people and since I have the tendency to skip out on social functions and avoid networking, I don’t make the connections that I long to create.

Audrey Enjoli, editor

Audrey Enjoli
2019 was certainly a year of self-exploration and self-growth for me. In 2020, I resolve to put myself first and to make myself a priority. With life’s many demands, it’s very easy to put our own needs to the wayside. Although we easily give love to others, we often forget to love ourselves, too. There’s no one more deserving of your love than you. I will definitely be carrying this nugget of wisdom with me into the New Year.

Maille O’Donnell, contributing editor

Maille O'Donnell

This year, I’d like to further cultivate my passion for creative writing. I want to write poetry, short stories, essays, articles, journal entries, and anything other form of writing that calls to me. I’m starting to take tangible steps toward this goal by doing the morning pages (idea and term first coined in the book The Artist’s Way) every day. Each morning, I’ll write three pages in my notebook immediately upon waking up. These pages can be anything—I can even write “I don’t know what to write” dozens of times if I’d like—but I will fill up three pages consistently. This routine will get my creative juices flowing, encourage me to write every day, and allow me to “brain dump” each morning and turn my jumbled thoughts into creative writing!

Lindsay Brave, contributing editor

Lindsay Brave

For me, 2020 will be the year of “less thinking, more doing.” I’ve noticed how I tend to spend more time worrying, planning, and overthinking the “what if’s” than actually taking steps to better my life. So instead, I’m going to dive right in! I also want to focus on nourishing friendships and spend more time reading. My goal is to read at least 27 books in 2020 (I turn 27 this year!).

Piper Rasmussen, contributing writer

Piper Rasmussen

My wish for 2020 and this next decade revolves around the word ‘peace.’ I hope to continue to invite new, wonderful people into my life who make my soul feel at ease, and gently let go of those who don’t. I will accept new opportunities that fill my life with love and joy, and make sure that in all that I do and wherever I go, peace is always a priority.

Juhea Kim, editor in chief

Finally home in Portland

2019 was an ultra-exciting, transitional year for me. I spent about 1/3 of the year traveling (including 3 months in France), and the entire year I was working remotely and on my own terms. As soon as 2020 starts, I’ll be going back to the kind of rigorous work schedule that was the norm for my professional life. So my word of the year is “focus.” Instead of thinking about other tasks and projects that are swirling around, I intend to concentrate only on what’s happening now, and calmly divide and conquer one by one. I also noticed that so much of my time is spent thinking about things/interactions that do not serve my purpose in any way. In 2020, I want to constantly remind myself, “Does this thought have to do with my purpose, which is to use my talent and energy to contribute to the world?” I’m excited to see how living a whole year with that kind of laser focus can do! 😀

What are your New Year’s resolutions, dumplings?

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