Why Jealousy Doesn't Serve You And How To Overcome It

October 15, 2021

It’s possible to step out of the jealousy mindset in an instant. Release jealousy-inflicted worry and tension and remind yourself how pointless it really is with these simple practices and ideas, that you can get back to whenever these emotions overwhelm you. We can experience jealousy toward anyone we care about, such as our lover, family member, or a friend. This article is focused on the jealousy within a romantic relationship. However, these tips are very much applicable to other forms of jealousy too, as they are all grounded in simple principles of self-love and personal power.

Confidence list


List all the things about your relationship that make you feel confident about it. Remember the recent amazing time you spent together, the words said and written, the actions your lover has taken that prove their involvement and deep feelings toward you.

Real love is safe

Safety is an illusion, as we live in the world of infinite possibilities. However, this world is also governed by love. I (and many others) believe that true love, a deep and magical soul union between two people, who are working on themselves and facing their demons, will be so fulfilling that your partner will not resort to hurting you and jeopardizing your union with unthoughtful actions. In other words, if your relationship is real, true, and deep, nothing and nobody can break it for as long as it is meant to last. Which brings us to the next point.

Is it the real one?

If not, be grateful to find out ASAP! Great thing about discovering the true attitude of the person toward you is that it is giving you an opportunity to follow the most magical connection that is assigned to you in this life. When people show you that you are not the one for them, it is time to dance, celebrate, and say “thank you,” because the Universe is course-correcting you so that you start moving toward your most blissful love story and waste no time.

So is there really anything to be afraid of with regards to other people when you are in love? If it is your person, they will choose you, if it is not, congratulations, you are now available for your person.

Why do we need to know what’s next?

This one is about the human desire to know and reach specific outcomes, and prevent negative outcomes. Let me explain how this is not your job. When people are jealous they are trying to analyze the situation, find out as much as possible about it in order to anticipate and prevent it. The mind of a jealous young lady terrorizing her boyfriend about his whereabouts, plans, and all the factors posing potential threat to their relationship, is trying to control and affect what is about to happen.

Our mind or body has no capacity to control situations. Even though we can bring into existence any experience (through manifestation) this only works coming out of confidence, calmness, assertiveness, abundance, and empowerment, not weakness, fear, and insecurity. This young girl is only feeling the latter, thus the outcomes she is creating with her thinking are cheating, betrayal, and so on.

How to stop feeling this way?

Stop trying to control your lover and any situation they may find themselves in. They are their own person, no matter how controlling you can be you will never be able to protect your relationship from everything. Your control however is breaking it by making your partner feel not trusted and annoyed, and by you putting out the charge of fear and insecurity into your relationship. Be careful not to manifest with those emotions.

Manifest faithfulness

Do not force or reject the feeling. Take deep breaths and allow these emotions of fear and worry pass through your body. Breathe and allow them to get in. You allow yourself to feel it, but what you do with your thoughtsyou think of nothing or positive things. Remember or imagine the most beautiful moment you share together, feel their touch, attention, and love. This will take you out of your negative imagination into your pleasant imagination. If you are worried about where they are or what they do imagine the best possible outcome. What is your ideal vision of where they are and how they behave. Focus on that, convince yourself that this is what is really going on. See, you are now manifesting faithfulness!

Let’s play a little game

Imagine being the most beautiful, magnificent, and divine self. You are so gorgeous, powerful, confident, and self-loving that you radiate with magic, and everything and everyone is drawn towards your light. Imagine how it feels to be this you. How does it feel to be feeling this way about yourself. When you imagine this perfect version of yourself (by the way, this is who you truly are, you just forgot) ask yourself: would you even care about this situation?

As the most amazing version of yourself, would you even give this situation a piece of mind? No, because you feel so much confidence, you are so much in alignment with the Universe and so sure that you deserve the best and it is making its way to you, that you do not worry about such little things. You know things happen for your greater good.

Remember this feeling and this attitude. It will help you look at the situation differently. It will help you realize that your jealousy is coming out of mistrust in the Universe’s divine plan for you, in mistrust into you deserving the best and being entitled to receive it. Choose to trust instead. Choose to feel love instead. Your jealousy stems out of love for that person. Send them love instead. Direct such a powerful beam of love towards them that it will sweep them off their feet.

Charge your relationship with love, so that it pushes the fear out and manifests even deeper connection and magical time together.


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Anna Chuzhmarova
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