How To Deal With Negative Thoughts And Maintain Your Inner Peace

July 7, 2021

Ideas and assumptions based on worry and doubt regularly try to get into our heads. Here’s how to see these thoughts for what they really are and not allow them to take you out of alignment. These 5 steps will help you deal with negative thoughts and maintain inner peace, which is so important for living our best life.

1. These are not your thoughts

Thoughts we often call ours, are actually not ours at all. These are external energies, ideas, experiences representing unhealed traumas and pain shared by the collective, passed on from generations to generations. This is something millions of people think on a daily basis. Self-doubt, jealousy, insecurity, irrational fear, mistrust have all been here since the beginning of time. These unhealed energies, of sort of a parasitic nature,  travel the world looking for hosts (minds) to attach to. When they knock on your door and you let them in, they gain power by you continuing that narrative or, even worse, acting on it.

Instead, see these thoughts as visitors with not even necessarily evil intentions. It’s just energy, that actually wants its negative charge released through healing, attention and love (more on this in step 5). See this thought passing by like a cloud. Remember that it did not come from within, and choose not to engage with it. I like to say: “Hi there, I see you trying to get my attention, but I would rather set my mind to something that benefits me. Thanks for visiting though.” Don’t try to silence it, ignore it, run away, hide under the blanket, call a friend to discuss it. Just face it and confidently say “no thank you.” And if it’s still here, we have 4 more steps.

2. “It’s not true”

Mantra “it’s not true” has become my magical tool. It neutralizes the negativity of a thought in an instant. Say it out loud, as many times as needed. This negative energy trying to enter your field will be blocked by you declaring to the Universe what you willingly attract into your life and what you don’t. See it as the Universe asking: “Is this what you want?” And you respond: “Nope, not this, I choose that.

The Universe shapes our lives according to our choices and what we give our energy to. Say no with clarity and assertion to whatever unpleasant outcome this thought suggests. Think instead of the most positive outcome of the situation at hand. I also like to say: “Everything is working out in the best case scenario.” This is a powerful mantra (promoted by Activation Vibration), that lots of people use daily to affirm and attract an abundance mindset. This collectively charged energy is available to you at any moment. Say it and believe it.

3. Is it about the present moment?

Is this thought about the future or past? Then it’s not relevant. Is this problem or situation physically in front of you right now? Is it something that you have no option but to deal with in this very moment? Chances are it is not. In many cases these negative thoughts are about something that might happen or happened in the past. It’s urging you to prepare, predict, calculate, assume, protect, defend, run, hide, anything but be present. While the right answer is being present. When you are present, the right decisions come to you effortlessly.

This energy is trying to take you out of alignment. Stay here, ground yourself in the space you are in now, observe the sensations of your body, the wind, sun, warmth you feel on your skin, the noises around you, ground under your feet, objects in front of you. Most likely you are thinking of something that is not real.

Is it about something that could be happening right now elsewhere? Then you have no control over it. When we cannot control we release. Is it something that happened in the past? You can’t change it, accept it and make peace with it. Is it something that could happen in the future? We are not designed to know and predict the future, don’t waste your energy trying to do so. Be present, and then ask yourself…

4. What would love do? How would my higher self respond to this?

Ask yourself what would love feel, say, think, do about it right now? How would your higher self respond to this thought? Imagine the most empowered version of yourself, the most calm, collective, receptive, peaceful and content version of you. Close your eyes and hear that voice, it’s always within you.

This was the very beginning of my journey to embodying my higher self. I created this version of me that was so strong, confident, compassionate, calm and fearless. She would always say the right thing to the “real” me, at times wrapped up in emotions, conditioning, and past experiences. Strip all these away and there you have your higher self. What is their comment on this negative thought? It is probably something along the lines:

Trust the process, you cannot control everything. Trust the Universe’s love for you, and it acting in your best interest. You are loved and protected. All you need to do is be present and wait for everything to unfold when the time is right.

5. Feel, not think

Now, if this thought brings up some feelings within you, that’s a different story. Thoughts should be released, feelings are here to be felt. Never run away from your feelings, it intensifies them. You may mute, ignore, escape them, but they come back with double the intensity. Sit with yourself, go for a walk, with no music or distraction, and just feel. Don’t think, but feel. Thoughts are: “What’s gonna happen? Why did this happen? When will I know? What should I do?” Feeling is just a sensation in your heart. Feeling comes from within. These negative thoughts often serve us by bringing our attention to the feelings trapped within us. Silence your mind and welcome these feelings with love, compassion and attention. They will then dissolve into love, leaving you feeling so much lighter and brighter.

Sending you lots of love!

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Photo: Ajay Karpur, James Rathmell via Unsplash

Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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