I'm Amazed By This Powerful Morning Manifestation Technique. Why & How It Works

September 17, 2021

I want to share a powerful manifestation technique by Gala Darling. I have seen amazing results from this manifestation practice thus far. And I have only been doing it for a few days. It is a short spoken practice that you do every morning. It contains 3 things: gratitude, your daily desire, and future desire. Gala suggests recording it every morning (but you can just say it out loud), and there is also a way to double up the effectiveness of this powerful manifestation (read further). Try this and see your life transform!

manifestation technique

Why does it work

The idea is first acknowledging how much you already have. The more we notice and appreciate abundance in our lives the more of it we attract. That’s why listing everything we are grateful for every day is extremely important.

When we just wake up our mind is most susceptible to manifestation. Having just come out of a dream word we have the highest psychic ability to charge our day and life with the energy of choice and shape our reality.

Thinking and writing are great for manifestation but using your voice is the most powerful method. Sound is an energy wave. Saying meaningful things out loud we are sending the energy that our words are charged with into the Universe and our aura. And this energy then affects and transforms our reality. Saying every day that you are beautiful charges your reality to reflect to you in various ways and situations that you are indeed beautiful .

In this practice you speak of your current and future desire in past tense, as if you have already made it, experienced, and enjoyed it. Our mind and the Universe (some would say, it’s synonyms) don’t know the difference between what is really happening and what we are just speaking into existence. It simply responds to the vibration we emanate. When it hears us speaking about how our life is and feels like, our mind starts finding and creating evidence of all that in our every day life. With this practice every day your life is being transformed to match your desired (spoken) experience with more and more precision. Just try this and see for yourself!

1. Gratitude

Say thanks for everything you really appreciate. Gala suggests refraining from saying generic things, if you are not really feeling grateful for it, like being thankful for the roof over your head. Mention something that really makes you feel happy, excited, or pleased. You can of course mention your family, your lover, but also a cute dress you bought, or a beautiful sunset you have watched, or maybe a nice walk you had yesterday.  Also mention how it makes you feel. Example:

I am so grateful for all my loved ones. They make me feel so connected, loved, and supported. I am grateful that they are happy, healthy, and well. It makes me feel good because I know they deserve the best life.

2. Your daily desire

Now speak into existence how your day “was.” Say all the nice things you have done today as if it already happened. Mention how those activities made you feel. You can dream big like waking up on a yacht in Maldives. I like to just list nice experiences in my daily life, mention the things I need motivation to do and that are beneficial to me. Example:

 Today I went to the gym. I have trained so hard today with so much intensity, yet love for my body. I reached some personal records, I felt so energetic, active, and excited to work out. At the end I felt so powerful and so proud of myself. I also loved seeing the results of my work on myself. It was amazing.

3. Future desire

Now the same thing about the vision of your future dream life. Speak of the gratitude for the big and small future accomplishments and blessings of yours. Example:

I am so grateful that my book has become a best seller. I have managed to impact so many lives and help people find their true selves and joy in their lives. This makes me feel so content, knowing I am fulfilling my purpose of helping others.

Mention the beautiful house you live in, where you live in, with whom. All in the format “I am so grateful that this has happened in my life, that I obtained this, that I was gifted this.”

Double up the effectiveness!

Gala suggests recording this practice every morning as a voice memo and then listening to it in the future to see how much of it has actually become your reality. I, however, prefer to just speak it out loud. Another method is doubling up the power of manifestation. One person speaking and thinking your dream life into existence is powerful, but two people doing it gives it an additional charge.

If you have a friend who truly wishes you the best with no jealousy, exchange your recordings. You can also incorporate each other’s dreams into your recordings. Gala shared an example. When her friend mentioned having a new car, in her recording Gala pictured them riding in that car when describing her perfect day. This requires a very special friendship though, as this is very personal and kind of sacred.

Start tomorrow morning! Speak into existence the life you deserve and that is aligned with your highest potential and you daring to dream big!


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