Arrive Healthy, Serene & Rosy With These 7 In-Flight Wellness Essentials

April 30, 2018

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

Let’s face it, long-haul flights are a dread. If you are not flying first class, the journey is way too long for anyone’s comfort. The good news is you can mitigate the discomfort and create a more enjoyable flight by carrying some essentials on your flight. Here are seven of my favorite things to bring on a long-haul flight:

1.Ginger Chews

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

This herbal remedy is known to alleviate motion sickness. Ginger can also act as a digestive aid and has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. We all know traveling and nerves can trigger tummy troubles.  Simply pop one in your mouth and let it slowly dissolve in your mouth.

2. Face Wipes

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

Convenient and versatile. Before take-off use it to take the grime off your face and upon landing use it to freshen up. For the germaphobes, you can use it to wipe down your mobile device screens, tray table, seat handles, and re-cleanse your hands after going to the washroom. Got a spill or a stain in-flight? It can act as a good stain remover. These natural face wipes by green beauty brand Kaia are biodegradable.

3. Hydro Flask with lemon

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

Flying dehydrates you. To keep your bloating in check and your skin hydrated bring an empty hydro flask filled with lemon or cucumbers. Once you pass security, fill it up with water. It’ll not only help with hydration, it will give you an extra boost of minerals and vitamins to your body. Bringing your own water bottle will allow you to skip the plastic cups offered in-air (= less waste!).

4. Saline Spray

When it is so dry on the plane, our nose’s mucous membranes dry out. When this happens it cannot filter germs as well and we get sick on the plane. This spray is a wonderful way to arm yourself against dehydration and in keeping your nasal passages functioning. Spray your nostril once every two to three hours on a flight.

5. Eye Masks & Headphones

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

These two goes hand-in-hand. An eye mask helps to block out light and helps to induce the state of sleep faster. And a good set of headphones keeps out unpleasant noises that you can’t control on the plane, helping you tune into something soothing for your mind. This satin and organic cotton eye mask is infused with micro-fine charcoal powder to help to relieve tension, fatigue, and pressure around the eyes and sinuses while encouraging blood circulation.

6. Scarf with a spritz of your favorite scent

Another in-flight essential. It is not only a fashion accessory but when you roll it up, it can be used as lumbar support to counteract the non-ergonomic seats on the plane. When it gets cold on the plane, use it as a blanket. Smell something funky? Use it to block out funky smells on the plane.

7. Travel slippers

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

You know the wonderful slippers or slip-ons you get from staying at a hotel?  If you don’t use them, pack them in your carry on. Alternatively, pack a pair of lightweight travel slippers.  Use them in flight. Take your shoes and slip these on. It will let your feet swell without discomfort and help keep your socks and feet germfree.

7 Essentials to Bring with You to Keep Well On the Plane

Share with me below–what are your travel essentials on a long-haul flight? What would you add to this list?

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