Found: Reactive Skin Holy Grail—All-Natural Concealer That Covers *And* Heals Acne

April 26, 2018

All Natural Concealer That Will Change Your LifeZero filter or Photoshop. Just all natural concealer & cream blush!

As peaceful dumplings may already know, I recently came back from the most incredible road trip along the Oregon Coast, Redwoods National Park, and Yosemite. I was deep breathing the entire time, trying to get toxins out of my lungs and refill them with pristine air. And I was *positive* all that pure air would be panacea for my skin, too. In NYC, I can literally feel pollution cling to my pores (eww). As it turns out, pollution aging your skin is very real: a 2010 study concluded that city-dwelling women experience a 22% increase in hyperpigmentation and wrinkles than their country-dwelling cohorts.

Okay, now that we’re all done silently screaming… I checked the mirror occasionally throughout the trip when I wasn’t staring dramatically into the blue mountains, and found my reflection was glowing and rosy. Hooray! But lo, on my first night back in the city, I noticed significant amount of clogged pores around my nose and between my eyebrows. Lesson here is that, regardless of how clean the air is where you travel, you have to take your skincare routine with you. I had skipped my scrub/mask routine while on the road, which amounted to significant congestion by the week’s end.

After some emergency de-congestion procedures, my skin was red and inflamed, big time. Thankfully, I have perfected the art of covering up acne (and also eczema) using all-natural products, so that you can not only walk around in public, but also heal faster!!

If you too struggle with blemishes, you know that 1) you feel embarrassed about going out with public so you put on a lot of concealer/foundation, 2) said makeup worsens the problem. Conventional concealers and foundations clog your pore and re-inflame the area. But *this* combination of products have kept my skin healing in a matter of few days while feeling so light and comfortable. In fact, I put this “concealer” on even when I’m not particularly embarrassed about the look, just to help heal. And yes, this method contains oil, but fear not. I breakout from a lot of oils and oil blends, and I can put these on without any fear, under any circumstances. I would recommend these *especially* if you have sensitive skin.

All Natural Concealer That Will Change Your Life

You will need:

  1. Earthwise Beauty Farizad’s Veil: This. stuff. is literally can’t-live-without, I-have-nightmares-about-discontinuing product. It’s actually a mineral sunscreen powder made of pure zinc oxide, but it also doubles as the best and most healing concealer I’ve ever experienced. Powdered aloe leaves make this super hydrating and repairing: the effect of aloe is something I can separately attest, since aloe juice and aloe gel are two things I always keep in stock for my skin health. It also contains rose absolute, geranium, and frankincense oil, which is antibacterial. It also smells divine. Like all Earthwise products, this is organic and wildcrafted by hand in the Pacific Northwest. They use a lot of recycled materials in their packaging, too! (Note the all glass/aluminum packaging which keeps the potency of the product and reduces plastic).
  2. Aimee Raupp Beauty Blemish Be Gone Stick: This blue-green magical oil gets its color from blue chamomile essential oil, which penetrates into the skin to calm and soothe inflammation. It also contains tea tree oil (antibacterial, antifungal), parsley essential oil (antibacterial, antifungal protection, detoxifies the skin, helps balance sebum production), goldenseal extract (antibacterial herb, reduces swelling), and a host of other powerful ingredients.
  3. Earthwise Beauty Fern & Moss Facial Serum: This Omega-3 rich one is an anti-aging, renewing, repairing oil composed of moringa, andiroba, tamanu, and seabuckthorn oils. I go between this one and Earthwise’s Ruby Oil (lighter!) depending on my skin needs and time of year.

I use the world’s tiniest spoon ($6 at local gourmet salt store called Meadow) to scoop out a bit of Farizad’s Veil, and put on the back of my hand. I sprinkle some of the Aimee Raupp blue oil on it, mix the two together, and dot this pale blue emulsion onto any redness, whether it’s active acne, pre-acne, or post-acne–even eczema. (Seriously, I have a lot of problems, but you know how it is).

All Natural Concealer For Acne Skin

All Natural Concealer That Will Change Your LifeIt stays put all day, and when I take off my makeup at the end of the day, the blemish is noticeably calmer and smaller. Within 2-3 days, it’s usually gone.

When the thingies are on the way out and don’t need as much color correction and cooling down, I switch over to Fern & Moss serum + Farizad’s Veil. This combo is already what I already use for all-over protection. (Do all-over protection followed by acne-concealing, in that order). The high Omega-3 content in the serum plumps wrinkles and provides a luminous finish.I am also wearing Kjaer Weiss cream blush in Joyful. It’s non-comedogenic, all natural, and you can keep refilling the luxe, plastic-free compact!All Natural Concealer That Will Change Your LifeZeus doesn’t mind if I use him as a prop. Good ol’ faithful Zeus.

Found: Reactive Skin Holy Grail—All-Natural Concealer That Covers *And* Heals Acne

What is your favorite all-natural-concealer? Do you have any secrets to keeping your skin its healthiest? 

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