How To Travel Like A Wellness Warrior & Never Get Sick On A Plane Again

November 2, 2017

The Holiday Season is fast approaching, and for many of us, that means countless trips to airports and multiple flights to see our families.  The experience of getting to the airport, security, and flying can be stressful, especially when coupled with the holidays. But have you noticed how the experience of the actual flight might be affecting you?

Airplanes are an enclosed place with recirculated air and a steady stream of people coming through, which makes them a breeding ground for germs. It is extremely common to catch a cold after your flight, especially for those who have a weakened immune system from a preexisting health condition. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired after flying, so here are my must-haves onboard every flight to combat germs and maintain my health every time I fly.

Maintain your healthy when traveling throughout the holidays

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are solely expressed from my own experience. Please discuss with your healthcare professional before starting any new supplementations.


Supplements: Once my flight is booked, I ensure I have a full supply of vitamins and/or supplements to take before, during and after the flight. In addition to my daily vitamin regimen, I like to prep my immune system with a supplement called “Defense Plus.” I start 3-4 days before I’m about to fly and continue for another 3-4 days after the flight. This supplement is full of goodies such as: Vitamin C, zinc, grapefruit seed extract, astragalus root, reishi mushroom extract and so much more. Studies have shown the combination of vitamin C and zinc increase the effectiveness against the common cold.  There are plenty of options for natural supplements to support your immune system–Defense Plus happens to be one of my favorites and is highly effective for me.

Adequate sleep: In previous articles, I have shared my experience with having an autoimmune disease and the importance of rest for your body. I typically have difficulties sleeping the night before my flight, so I make sure to have restful sleeps a few nights leading up to the trip. When you are asleep, your body can work to heal itself without the demand of “jobs” to perform while awake. Studies continue to emerge on the benefit of strengthening the immune system with sleep, so be sure to rest up! That includes after your flight as well.


There are so many obstacles to maintain a healthy balanced body when I fly. Now that I am prepared with the pre-flight routine, I can begin my in-flight routine. I recently purchased an essential oil travel kit from Saje that is a blessing! However, it is quite simple to create a DIY essential oil kit on your own.

Holiday travel season- how to stay healthy on your countless flights

The belly blues: I always massage an essential oil blend directly onto my stomach. My favorite essential oil is a blend is called “gutzy“and it contains fennel and peppermint oil, which are great for digestion and relaxing the muscles around your belly.

Hydration: The drastic increase in altitude can leave your body dehydrated and throw off your digestion. I will drink at least 2 litres of water on a 2-hour flight. Anything longer than that, I will drink even more. My next step is to include trace minerals in my water. I carry a travel-sized glass dropper filled with trace minerals that work as a natural way to maintain my body’s an optimal pH balance.

Staying ground: I tend to be a nervous flying. Anyone else with me? When we are soaring 30,000+ feet in the air, I need to feel grounded in my body. I like to use a homeopathic remedy called “Rescue Remedy-natural stress relief.”  A few drops under the tongue helps to relax my nervous system and keep my body away from the exhausting state of fight or flight.  I also use a few spritz of a grounding spray around my face as needed. The soothing smell of patchouli helps me feel calm and centered during flight.

*WASH YOUR HANDS*  Just a friendly reminder 🙂


After I’ve arrived at my destination, I will be sure to carve out time for my three essential post-flight activities.

Healthy Lunch: Borlotti Bean Bowls with Cilantro Tahini

Borlotti Bean Bowl

1) Hearty meal:  I follow a fairly strict diet known as the autoimmune protocol. This means 99.9% of airplane food is a no-go for me. I will travel with a few diet-friendly snacks, but I’m usually starving after my flight! In advance, I will have planned the where and what I will be eating once I’ve landed. I love a hearty meal filled with cooked vegetables, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens. The fiber is not only filling but will help get your gut moving after the stagnant energy from sitting down on the flight.

2) Nap time: Do I really need to explain why I love naps 😉 ? After a refreshing shower to wash off the germs from the plane, I will lay flat on my back for 10-15 minutes. Even if I do not intend to fall asleep, I need the flat surface to center myself and feel the stability of the earth beneath my body.

3) Infrared sauna: Some of you may know from my previous article that I am slightly obsessed with infrared saunas!  My absolute favorite treat after flying is to sit in an infrared sauna, whenever available. The combination of the heat and sweat is the perfect way to detoxify from the germs you may have snagged while on board the airplane.


The real testament to my health regime when flying was in the last two trips I had. I did not get sick! Not even a little cough! I was so thrilled. This is a big win for my body and for my immune system.  Leading a healthy lifestyle, including my travel tips, has vastly improved my experiences while flying, and I can rest easy knowing I am maintaining my health with each and every flight.

How do you stay healthy while you travel?

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