See What Kind Of Wellness Traveler You Are Before Booking Your Next Dream Vacay

January 2, 2018

Wellness continues to be a buzzy movement. It has expanded beyond the idea of eating well and staying fit and has now arguably redefined the travel industry. In fact, wellness vacations are one of the hottest trends in travel.

Many people travel to recharge from the daily grind. But what is it they seek when traveling? This depends on the individual, and I’m here to help you figure out your wellness personality and your ideal wellness vacation getaway.

To begin, what is your intention or goal for taking a wellness vacation?

Is it to kickstart a wellness lifestyle? Or do you need time to reconnect with yourself and recharge? Or maybe it’s to detox and learn how to cook healthier meals? Your intention will determine the type of wellness traveler you are and what kind of vacation best suits your spiritual and physical needs.

From what I’ve observed, there are four general types of wellness travelers. Figuring out which type you are can help you narrow down the type of wellness vacation you should take.

The Nature Enthusiasts

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You feel inspired, connected, and grounded when you are enjoying what mother nature has to offer. You could be at the beach, hiking through mountains or rainforests, or jumping into a refreshing swimming hole. When you are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, you feel elated and at peace. If you are a nature lover, you probably are also into staying in eco-friendly accommodations and signing up with tours that support sustainable tourism. Check out these sustainable hotels from around the world.

The Foodie

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You are the type who loves checking out top trendy restaurants. When you add wellness to the equation, you may focus on finding all the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the destination you are visiting. Or you may be looking to detox and achieve weight loss. If this is the case, you are more nutrition-focused and would want to make certain the resort or retreat you have signed up for can accommodate your special nutritional needs. You want to see if they offer programs that can help you lose weight and revamp your eating habits while offering healthy, nutritional cooking classes. Don’t miss these vegan vacay destinations!

The Spiritual-Seekers

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You feel you have been swept away by the noise of the world. You’ve been putting everyone else’s priorities in front of yours, you can’t remember the last time you felt fulfilled. You feel like you have lost yourself along the way. You are looking to disconnect from the world to reconnect with yourself and remember what fuels your soul. What you are looking for is probably a solo trip somewhere on your own. Or a weekend getaway at a spa resort with spa and wellness facilities for you to access. Or joining a retreat that includes yoga and meditation with other like-minded people. Recently, silent retreats have become very popular among people looking for an environment conducive to recharging their energy and connecting more deeply to their higher-self. Explore these mystic healing travel destinations.

The Zealous Learners

Travel to Learn Something new

You may feel stagnant in your life. Like you have grown out of your box. Your craving to learn and grow has heightened. Thus, you are looking to feed your sense of mental and physical wellbeing some sort of challenge. What you desire is to have the opportunity to learn something new.  This can take on different forms. So ask yourself, what else is it I want to experience in life? And how do I want to grow? This will help you choose your travel destination to ensure the place you go can offer the activities you seek. Here are a few places where you can travel to learn something new!


Over to you–which type are you? Psst–it is perfectly normal to be a combination!  Afterall, we all have these traits within us. Depending on what is going on in our lives, one trait may feel more dominant over another, so the type of wellness travel you seek is dependent on your state of being.

Where do you plan to go on your next wellness journey? 

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Photo: Chumbe Island, Stanford Inn by the Sea, Howard G Charing via Flickr, Kaboompics

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