These Inspiring Gal Gadot Beauty Secrets Are Too Good To Miss

May 20, 2019

Gal Gadot embodies contemporary elegance, feminine strength, and contagious positivity, and as Wonder Woman she became a role model for countless women and girls. She was certainly an inspiration to me while I was pregnant (she filmed many of her Wonder Woman scenes during her second trimester of pregnancy!).

Unsurprisingly, her beauty secrets are just as inspired, fun, and savvy as she is. Here’s how the model-turned-actress-turned-superhero maintains her glowing complexion, strong body, and gorgeous mane on her own terms!

7 Wonderful, Wonder Woman-Worthy Beauty Secrets from Gal Gadot

1. Treat yourself to small fragrance indulgences. For Gadot, fragrance is a big part of her self-care. “I always buy myself a candle in Duty-Free. Before I get on a flight I head straight to the fragrance department,” she told Marie Claire.  “I like to spend time smelling anything that’s new. At home, everything is clean and organized, and I have candles lit all the time. Right now, I’m obsessed with vanilla-scented ones.”

2. Think of healthy food in terms of proper fuel for your body. The actress has explained that she eats well not to be skinny but to feel and perform her best. “I need to set a healthy example for my daughter. I want her to know that what she feeds her body does her good. We make smoothies in the morning with parsley, celery, green apples and ginger – basically, we throw in whatever we have.”

Acne Fighting Green Citrus Smoothie

Green Citrus Smoothie

3. Find a way to stay active (and enjoy yourself!) wherever you are. Staying flexible allows Gadot to adapt her fitness regimen when she’s traveling. “My mom is a gymnastics teacher, so I grew up doing lots of different sports. I was a dancer for twelve years and I did basketball and volleyball and dodgeball—you name it. [Now,] I try to work out at least three times a week, at least one hour each time, and I do different things, like TRX or Pilates. If I’m staying in a cold country or there happens to be no gym, I’ll exercise in my room. If I’m by the ocean, I swim. I’ll paddleboard, which I love because it keeps you in shape and it’s meditative. The meaning of my name in Hebrew is wave—I’m into anything that has to do with the sea.” (See how Gal Gadot got in shape for Wonder Woman.)


4. Figure out what works for your hair—even if it contradicts popular advice. “People keep telling me: Don’t wash your hair every day—it’s not good for you! I wash my hair every day. But I let it dry naturally.” Everyone’s hair has a unique texture–and therefore unique needs. Experiment to find the best hair care routine for your hair. 

Gal Gadot Beauty Secrets

5. Find your signature lip shade. It cannot be denied—a smoldering, dark lip looks phenomenal on Gal Gadot. Find a shade that works for you and embrace it! “When I go out, I usually wear bold lips,” she told Vogue.

Gal Gadot Beauty Secrets

Axiology Vegan Lipstick in “Mulberry Stain”

6. Travel smartly. “I’ve gotten used to jet lag but I have tricks. I drink tons of water because I get really dehydrated when I travel, and also freshly squeezed orange juice because the Vitamin C is really good for your body,” she explains. “I try to be outside in the daylight as much as I can to get my serotonin levels up.”

7. Try this soothing hack for washing your face in the evening. “I put a moist towel in the microwave, heat it up for about a minute, and then I take all of the makeup off with the hot towel, and I will just wash my face,” she explained. “And if you put some lavender or any essential oils that you like on the wash towel, then it’s really, really good.” Who knew the microwave could be a beauty tool? 


Have you tried any of Gal Gadot’s beauty secrets? What’s your signature lip color?

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Photo: Gal Gadot via Instagram, Mary Hood Luttrell, Axiology

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